Zaragoza one step away from Madrid with #AVExperience

After the tour of Valladolid and Segovia, it was time to return to Madrid bound for Zaragoza.

The truth is that changing from Atocha station to Chamartín is not very comfortable, but in just over an hour we were happy entering the Intermodal station and from there at the Tryp Hotel built for Ghana Mobile Database and with a great reception from the great Zaragoza Tourism team.

In order to see the most emblematic sites of the city, they put at our disposal the Tourist Bus where we could go up to the first floor discovered to take magnificent photos.


We toured the entire Expo area where some buildings are being fitted out to install their offices there.

But a wonderful surprise awaited us: visiting the Aljafería Palace , one of the most important monuments of Spanish-Muslim architecture of the 11th century, impressive from the very entrance but fascinating inside. We do not stop taking photos throughout the tour, that is if pursued by the guards who perfectly fulfill their role to not let visitors take flash photos and thus not damage the facilities.

After visiting the Palace, nothing better than a Coca Cola in the arcades of Plaza del Pilar, where no matter how hot it is, it is a very pleasant place to sit and rest a bit. Once hydrated and after many laughs when we saw the face of the owner of the place when we entered in droves to charge our phones, an obligatory stop at the Fantoba Pastry, incredible shapes that give chocolate and the beauty of its windows.

And as in every corner visited, good food could not be missed.

We were pleasantly impressed by the first place chosen “La Republicana” , not only because of the magnificent dinner that they offered us based on thousands of pinchos, but also because of the kindness of its owner and her son and how prepared they are, both to make the restaurant unrepeatable. diners stay to attend to all who want to get closer to them through new technologies.

If we thought that we had already had dinner, in fact we could not finish all the dishes that were offered to us at La Republicana, we were wrong, the Balcón del Tubo was still waiting for us . A great place where its owners flaunted their best mood with a great sense of humor and great conversation.

Again a lot of great tapas and trays with exquisite desserts passed before our eyes and although I felt unable to eat anything else, some of our companions gave full account of them.Ghana Mobile Database

To top off a special surprise, @CalvoconBarba visited us with a great detail coming to see us. From here our thanks for such a wonderful visit.

The night had to end in a way as special as the day had passed, so nothing better than visiting “Brother Cell Phone List ”. Surprising is little to describe the show. If I say that it was very “Almodovarian” perhaps I am understated. I will not tell you more, better go see it.

Without being able to take another step the girls retired to the hotel, while the boys continued to live the Zaragoza night.

Upon arrival at the hotel a lot of details on the bed courtesy of #RegalaZaragoza and a comforting tea in the kettle that the hotel makes available to its customers.

In the morning an incredible breakfast to recharge our batteries, we left with great regret an unforgettable stay in Zaragoza, but we had to leave on the AVE bound for Lleida

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