Zara online a disappointment?

A few years ago I was lucky enough to attend, at a convention of the company where I worked, to a conference on the Zara case, where when I asked one of its managers why they did not advertise, he replied:

“We do not do conventional advertising because our windows are the best billboards we could hire. Our stores are located in the main and most prestigious streets of the most important capitals and provinces of the world ”

On September 3, Zara surprised us with the news with great fanfare in all the media of its opening of an online store. Without a doubt, they managed to create an expectation worthy of the best marketing campaign (remember that Zara only advertises on sales)

ABC published, in its economics section, the article “Zara opens its online boutique” , El Mundo Zara opens its online store today , El País Zara opens in online sales … it could continue listing prestigious media, magazines, women’s blogs … Reporting the opening and all this without investing a single euro in advertising.

Why are they going to invest in advertising if the media does it for free?

The great opening day of the online store arrived and some bloggers began to write a post about Bangladesh Phone Number List the failure and disaster of their first day of activity, alluding to the web opening message where it was indicated that the page had a problem and an attempt was made to enter later. The conversation on social networks spoke of down servers, collapse of the web, even a hashtag was created … and some media began to tell their personal experience of online shopping. (A total of 284 articles indexed in google)

But it is not my goal to write on this point, nor whether or not Zara can afford a slip on its online launch. My intention is none other than to share my experience as a simple consumer and as my previous post reflected, to give my opinion as a fan that I am of the brand.


As soon as I opened the Zara online page, I found an attractive home, although they have dispensed with color (which is so important in marketing). Black and white is the first signal that indicates they want to target a certain target (but is that really your target audience online?)
Navigation was very simple: Woman, youth (TFR), Man …
I selected the section that interested me.
The first input seemed positive to me, the color is already in play, a very promising close-up photo and a drop-down menu to focus on the selection of coats, dresses, t-shirts, pants …
So far everything is correct, but in the most important thing comes the disappointment.


I don’t know if the selection and the photographs reminded me of the old photos that Venca, La Redoutte or any other existing online store had for years.
I went through the collection, opened other sections and was not convinced.
Perhaps she hoped that when it came to Zara she would find something new, different, with style.
If I like something about Zara, it is that her clothes have their own style and those bland and static photos make me lose everything I admire about the brand.
If I did not know that I am browsing Zara, I would not recognize that it is her fashion.
I finally discovered the catalog. This did seem to convince me more, but disappointment … there are only a few models (in women I only counted 10 and it is not very comfortable to pass the screens)
It is true that my comment when someone asked me on Twitter if I thought that Zara would lose face-to-face sales was: “I don’t think they will win sales at all.” This chain is lucky enough to catch many women who pass through its windows every day and take a walk around the store (even if you don’t buy anything at the time) it has a special charm. I believe that they now have an online store will not reduce their face-to-face sales, but they will add income with online sales (although I personally do not like the page).

Possibly there will be very different opinions and many people will find themselves comfortable buying on this website. (In fact, within a few hours and with server problems, more than 1,200 purchases were made )

For the only thing I think for now I will find the utility, it will be to try to find a Phone Number List a model from a store that I have seen and have not found my size.

As a consumer, I trust that the page will gradually take the pulse and style that I expect from Zara. Perhaps it would have been better to wait to have the website completely finished and in perfect working order. Today, 5 days after its launch, for example, the LookBook Woman still does not work.

My recommendation would be that the catalog should lead the searches, offering a good selection of photos (such as the ones in the sample) where you could choose your purchase and later redirect you to the small photos (although it would totally change the look of the latter).

For now, this website has been a small disappointment for the expectations created. We will give a vote of confidence so that in a few weeks, Zara will have the online store that at least some

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