Expanding the Customer Experience

As I mentioned in last week’s summary , on 10/29/09 I was at the European Ecommerce Conference in Cameroon Phone Number List . One of the presentations I liked the most was that of Brian Kalma from Zappos com . It is true that Brian did a good presentation, but much of the credit goes to the Zappos com model.It reminds me of the kind of “different” business models we saw in the years before the Internet bubble burst. The kind of model who looks so good, is so handsome, you think, How will they do it? Will it be sustainable? Below you see the sales figures for Zappos com and you are breathless: 1,000 million dollars in 2008 (figure in which you are already beginning to think about the billions of Americans, Europeans, etc. And we are talking about an online store


Below I leave you the presentation that Brian has had the detail of passing us to those who ask for it by email (many say they will do it, but they rarely comply). I recommend you read it slowly, because it does not have waste.How I advance my impressions in those moments (via De Phone Number . They are the two things that struck me the most at that time, but in the presentation you will find many more. Some more striking than anything else (money they give to employees in training to leave), and other very good (such as the way they have to involve their customers through the web and by phone)


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