Working with images PPI DPI and Resolution

Whether we are graphic designers, web designers, illustrators or photographers, working with images in a digital environment is something we are all used to. The problem comes when we have to deal with several concepts when creating and treating our images, which many times we do not fully master, and we do not obtain the expected results . Terms such as resolution, PPI or DPI are present in any editing software and sometimes we put them on autopilot and do not treat them correctly for the work we are going to develop. This is what we want to talk about in this article. But it is that these inconveniences do not appear only if we work exclusively in the digital field.

Creating a photography book is not the same

When we go to the physical world, when photo background removing printing our images, the concepts that we have mentioned before take on an even more important aspect, since you have to know how to play with all of them to obtain the ideal results. And not only that, we must not work the same depending on the support.  The viewing distance of both is different, so the resolution and definition with which we are going to work must be different. As always, start with the basics. At the beginning we have named PPI and DPI, concepts intimately related to images, their resolution and definition , but sometimes we are not clear when we should use them on what we want to achieve.

photo background removing

PPI and screen resolution we find much higher PPI

For convenience, we will use the DE Phone Number English acronym, since it is the one used globally. The PPI will determine how many pixels we will find in an inch, or approximately 2.54cm. Surely you have seen how PPIs are used to determine the definition of a screen, from that of a smartphone to that of a television. In short, PPI is a ratio between the resolution of a screen, and its physical size . The density of pixels that we have on a screen. For example, my monitor is 24 inches, with 1920px width and 1080px height. How can I calculate your PPI? Simply by doing this mathematical operation. screen ppi calculation according to its size and resolution We see that my monitor has a PPI of 91.79.

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