Work and family / personal conciliation?

After a long bridge where many of us have been able to enjoy free time, there is nothing left to do but reflect on the eternal question:

Do we know how to reconcile work and family life? Or put another way, do we know how to reconcile work with personal life?

When you work in something you like, with a position of responsibility, with direct superiors who provide us with experience and knowledge and you are also lucky enough to do it in a large company, you immerse yourself in a working life so intense that sometimes you don’t count what you leave behind.

Endless and marathon working days, where we give everything for everything, where when you manage to close a business for your company you feel so comforted, as if you had done it for your own. You clap yourself, it gives you Iran Phone Number List the high, and for a while you feel happy and proud of who you are. Your adrenaline rises and you want more, and you bet more and you give yourself completely.

There is no time for calls to friends, to congratulate your brothers on their birthday (who has not realized at 11 at night that the time had not finally come to make that call), to visit your mother more often, going to the Christmas party at the children’s school because poof… it coincides with the convention at the end of the year and you have to present the results of your area and the business plan for next year and you have to see the delegates and the company lunch / dinner …

How much time invested? How many positions promoted? and how many headaches and stomachaches do we take home?

And suddenly you stop, life gives you a break, puts you on the other side and you feel defeated.

What use has so much effort been for?

But you reconsider, you do double reading and you begin to realize that everything has its time. That work is very important, that it gives you part of the happiness that accompanies you, that Phone Number List helps you grow … but everything in its measure. We must stop on time and not neglect who we really are, take advantage of what work offers us to live better. Give ourselves to the company to the fullest, but preserve our plot of personal time.

Sharing time with our people, taking care of our friends, knowing new places, taking care of our body and our spirit the best we can because it is our passport for tomorrow.

So let’s reconcile, but really the work and the personal to be able to lead a full life and be able to touch happiness.

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