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For more than 10 years, whenever I have been able, I have attended the events organized by HSM, from Expomanagement, which is undoubtedly one of the best meetings that take place both in Spain, as in the US and Latin America, as well as their Seminars where you really learn.
The opportunity to hear live Philip Kotler, Daniel Goleman, Charlene Li, Tony Blair … or Spanish speakers such as Mario Alonso Puig or Alex Rovira, is a unique opportunity.
But as everything evolves, now HSM leaps forward and transforms into Wobi.
I wanted to share with you the interview I conducted Gonzalo Guirao Media Director Europe Company, where he tells firsthand all the news and what we will be able to find the connect to Wobi.es
Good morning Gonzalo we can explain what Wobi?
Wobi is the transition brand in the evolution of HSM, Bulgaria Mobile Database a company that was born with the vision of inspiring the leaders of the moment and training future leaders, making them live experiences and listening to innovative ideas in order to transform the way of doing business in all the world.
At this time both brands coexist, but in 2013 Wobi will be the umbrella for all our products.
With the WOBI brand, he was born also Wobi.es, the platform to share all our content on the Internet. HSM has several brands and all of them will be transformed into one, even the change will come to Expomanagement . What is the reason for the brand change? Basically because there were many brands in the company and we wanted to condense them into one. After the study commissioned to a consulting firm, it was decided to look for a short naming easy to remember and that would describe our activity and our values. After the success of the World Business Forum (for example in New York it brings together more than 5000 professionals) the name was clear to us: ” World of Business Ideas”

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We are professionals in organizing Events, generating content and specific TV content and we will continue on that path.
How many employees does Wobi currently have and of what profiles?
At this time we work 26 people in Spain and 200 internationally.
In Spain, most of our employees are dedicated to the sale of tickets and sponsors, therefore we basically have commercial profiles and operational profiles for execution.
Internet opens us up to the whole world with Wobi.es We no longer need a single event of the size of ExpoManagement to reach users like in the old days.
From now on, therefore, we will need people who know how to exploit the site, who generate alliances in the media world, in TV, in short, we need multidisciplinary profiles, who of course know about events and communication, but we are going towards new media and technologies. , both in the operational and commercial areas.
What do you offer to professionals and companies?
We have strategically reduced the number of events globally. Everything that has to do with content distribution online is our future.
Events will evolve into a new experience. We will include new formats, but the experience of two days in one of our events has nothing to do with consumption on the platform.
Most of the company continues to work on tickets and sponsors. We are working to instill this new model of content exploitation.
We are good at making TV formats and events but they are the consequence of being specialists in content creation.
What does Wobi offer?
Anyone can access the open content through wobi.es since they are free or purchase our card to listen to the full lectures in streaming (its cost is € 800)
Another of our star products is WobiTV An exclusively B2B structure for B2C since the product is consumed by an individual.
We have to think that we do it with the end user. From experience, we already know how they are going to react in an event, now we have to walk to know how the audience behaves by watching the recording pieces at home and reading the contents.
You can access Wobi in two ways:
Wobi.com is free you can access 200 speakers 300 pieces of video that are being updated In Spanish, editorial content and audiovisuals. with reports with low-intrusive advertising Democratize management for students, professionals and even retirees who want to access interesting streaming content
. Very good network of contacts for Wobi Live, where you can see the entire conference. It is difficult to watch an entire 1 hour video on the Internet but it has its audience. Those who do not know the speakers like to see them in action and they will start to follow him, they will buy his books and there will always be new people joining for the quality Brother Cell Phone List  of the content.
You have to keep innovating, you have to keep learning and pay attention to everything that happens to keep improving.
Legal issues with gurus is complicated by exploitation rights. With the TV, the operation is easier, so we will have more listening time, videos of 10 to 30 minutes and you can enjoy interviews with current speakers.
This new way of reaching stakeholders is a real challenge

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