Will equality really come one day?

Since yesterday, all messages are directed to celebrate today March 8 the “International Women’s Day”. If yes, it is no longer called “working woman’s day”, because it is assumed that the woman is already entered in the company, the woman already has the right to work (even more if possible) and has the right to have an opinion and even to occupy a position on the Councils because that is what the aforementioned Parity Law is for.

If we analyze what has happened in the last 40 years in Spain, the turnaround is very important. The other day I was reading an article by Pilar Primo de Rivera’s Women’s Section http:Phone Number List that it made the hair stand on end. So many years blaming men and really many women pushed the rest back, not only accepting submission but encouraging it. I have had the opportunity to see him in my environment (thank God not at my parents’ house) and I really felt sorry for that conception of life of some women.

Today things have advanced a lot. Laws begin to protect motherhood more seriously (I lost two jobs, one for each child in the late 1980s), but it is not enough. Children have to come if we want to make this country prosper and the help to have them is very scarce, and having a child inevitably slows down our professional career at least when they are young.

In 27 years of profession, I have felt unequal for wages. I have not lacked opportunities to grow professionally and I owe it to the men who were my bosses then, but they have never financially valued men and women who held the same position in the same way. I have come to hear from the mouth of a Director General about a ridiculous raise in salary “your husband has a good position and it is not you who maintains the house” so and so has two children and his wife does not work, incredible but true.

I have attended selection processes where, because I am a woman, the ability to run a Georgia Phone Number List company full of women has been doubted: “It is very difficult to put a woman at the head of a team of women with character, do you think you would be capable?”

Women and men, men and women, who cares. Our only difference lies in the strength, which is true in that we are weaker for saying something, since enduring a childbirth is not a joke, but finally lifting hundreds of kilos of weight, true I am not capable.

I have had both women and men on my teams. Women who have left their lives with their overflowing professionalism and men who have done nothing but live off their income. Of course I have also had working men who with respect and drive have helped me to be what I am. I have also had women with twisted tusks who know “how to make great beds” and not exactly the ones in their homes or hotels.

But we are human beings, good, bad, hard-working, lazy, optimistic, pessimistic … there is everything in the Lord’s vineyard and in the meantime, what we cannot allow is that inequality continues because there continue to be backward minds that prejudge by the worker sex @

Let us celebrate International Women’s Day for many years, because we are mothers, because we are equal and because ultimately we are people.

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