White paper: how to generate direct performance with your YouTube campaigns

Today, many e-commerce businesses operate on the Direct-to-Consumer D2C sales model. In this sense, expanding their customer base is a key objective, and this can be achieved by scaling their marketing actions. Concretely, the objective is to link branding and conversion in order to quickly and sustainably capture new customers, in a ROI approach. And to do this, YouTube proves to be an ideal platform, where the distribution of optimized video campaigns can generate conversion.

VideoRunRun , a technology specializing in the optimization of advertising campaigns on YouTube, today unveils a white paper that details the three key elements of a successful scale campaign on YouTube. Download the full guide Focus on the reach of your advertising campaigns Overall, digital brands or DNVB, focus more on conversion at the bottom of the marketing funnel, relying in particular on advertising campaigns based on similar audiences or on retargeting.

Focus on the reach of your advertising campaigns

While this practice generates a substantial ROI, the jewelry retouch service targets reached do not represent growth potential. Thus, these companies invest in the same mechanism on several digital channels, now saturated by competition between advertisers, which inevitably slows down their growth. To overcome this effect, digital brands are investing more and more in television, a mass medium that allows them to reach a large audience, but also to work on their notoriety in the long term.

On the other hand, if television is now a more accessible channel than before, it still represents strong barriers to entry for many brands. Not to mention the difficulties in tracking the short-term ROI of each euro invested… videorunrun11 Scaler allows you to increase your base of new customers sustainably. The solution Bid on YouTube. With more than 46 million monthly users in France, YouTube makes it possible to reach all audiences by optimizing the top of the marketing funnel, while remaining financially accessible.

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Placing the optimization of video creations at the heart of actions

At the same time, as VideoRunRun explains in its DE Phone Number white paper, it is important to see advertising on YouTube as a sales lever, and not just a way to improve your brand image. Access the guide for free Betting on “One step selling” VideoRunRun recommends applying the “One step selling” mechanism to advertising campaigns launched on YouTube. Concretely, this method, which restores all its power to the creative video asset, makes it possible to create campaigns that have the capacity to generate direct action, from the first exposure of the Internet user and from the discovery of the brand.

Here, the objective is not to obtain as high an ROI as for bottom-of-funnel conversion campaigns, but to acquire a significant volume of new, sufficiently profitable customers. videorunrun-one-step-selling-youtube Actions taken at the top of the marketing funnel enable incremental growth. And to succeed in selling from the top of the funnel, it is essential to carry out “test and learn” actions, in order to find the winning combo between the advertisement and the audience it is facing.

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