Where do I begin? Steps to follow for people on Social Media

One of the things that I often talk about is precisely that, how to land on Nigeria Phone Number List  Media, where to start, and everyone expects a magic recipe, the 4 steps, the 5 points or who knows what but what They say what they have to do, and I usually answer with a question: What for?The first thing we have to be clear about is WHY we want to participate in Social Media (blogs, twitter and social networks), what is the objective and based on that we can focus it in one way or another.I mean that we can do it with many different approaches, for example to have fun and entertain ourselves; to make friends ; with a professional approach or we can even do it with the intention of looking for work. All of them equally valid but so different that they require very different actions for each case.I am passionate about Social Media in all its extension and I am convinced, and it is easy to show, that solutions can be found to almost any approach we want, but we will have to learn the rules of the game first .On a personal level , the first thing I always recommend is to register your domain with the dot as or dot extension is if you prefer, and the second thing to enter all social networks and twitter and open profiles with your name and surname so that no one can occupy them , and if you prefer not to be known by your first and last name, decide what your new digital identity will be and register it everywhere for the same reason.From there, you have to go by parts, since each site has different rules of coexistence.One of the first things to decide is if we want to have a blog and if we are willing to write and how often we will do it, and if so, decide what type of blog we are interested in, if a thematic one on a topic that we are passionate about or that deals with a topic that nobody does; corporate if we are an entrepreneur or businessman and we want the blog to talk about our products or services; or if what we prefer is a personal blog where we tell things about our life, what happens to us every day, etc.Each of them requires different commitments and it is convenient to assume them from the beginning before taking more steps.

To be able to decide, it is best to read blogs of different styles that will guide us to choose which will be ours, but in any case I recommend not jumping into the pool without knowing if there is water and wait a little, just a little, until Let’s be more clear about what we want to do, and when in doubt, it can always be done by first opening a free blog on Blogger or WordPress where we go testing and experimenting without our name being the one at stake and thus learning how it works.There are a series of rules called ” netiquette ” that, although they have existed for a long time, it is convenient to read them and take them into account, but mainly what you have to keep in mind is thatwho writes are people, who must be treated as such, with education and respect as if we had them in front of us, and that we all like to be answered to what we say.On Twitter, what I recommend is to register and first look for some friends that we can meet, either through the search engine, or because they are people we know from real life and have given us their Nickname or because we find the link that appears in a blog that we read often, etc., and make us their follower, that is, follow them to “hear” what they say .We will see that these people, depending on their use of Twitter, and the approach they have, they will comment on many things: their private life, professional life, reflections, greetings, they will share links to relevant information (or at least in their opinion) and most of you will see that they talk with other people.And this is an important key, open the profiles of those people with whom we see that they are talking and see who they are, read what they put on their profile as a summary of themselves, and what type of messages they write. If we see that it may be interesting, it is convenient to become a follower of yours so that your messages appear on our screen and we can read them every time you post something new, and if later we think that we are not interested in what you say, we can always leave to follow him just as easily.


Another thing I recommend istake as a reference people who for us have credibility and open the profiles of the people that she follows to do the same work that I just described above, choosing some of them. We will see that many of them have profiles similar to that person since she follows them precisely for that reason, so I recommend doing it with people of different types to be able to have a better idea of ​​which is the conversation environment in which they are most comfortable we meet.
It is as if in real life we ​​arrive in a new city and we do not know anyone, because we will make relationships with neighbors, nearby businesses, where we work or study, etc. and then we will get to know the friends of these people and we will interact with them,We will go to some bars to see what atmosphere is moving and little by little we will surround ourselves with a group of relationships that are the ones with which we most identify.The next step to start making these relationships is to make a comment responding to what those people say in such a way that we can generate a conversation with them , but if we do not receive a response, in no case should we insist that day and we must wait for another moment to try to start the conversation about another comment of yours, since otherwise they will classify us as a spammer and they will immediately block us for being heavy.In this process we will see that just like we follow others, we tooThey will start to follow us and we will start to have followers who read everything we say . We will wonder why, what interest are those people who do not know anything to read what we write, but this is how it works, and just as you follow people you do not know, others will do it with you , either because you followed them. first and they want to meet you or because they have found your profile and want to hear what you say.

Social mediaRegarding Social Networks, the approach is different in some aspects but basically very similar in others.For example, we have professional De Phone Number networks, such as Linkedin and Xing, in which it is convenient to invest a little time to enter all the information that we are interested in showing , since it is not the same if we are an employee, entrepreneur or businessman, since the first he will choose to expose themselves in case you can choose to be offered a better job and should highlight the functions and tasks that has managed to successfully undertake the second will try to focus on the wonders of your project in order to have a letter of presentationinteresting for potential investors who investigate, and finally the entrepreneur will try to highlight the benefits of their products or services to be able to sell them to a greater extent or quantity.Here the conversations are less intense and more spaced, but it is convenient to search for the people we know in order to weave our network of contacts since that network is the one that will help us get in touch with other people we don’t know.

These types of networks are very useful at a professional level to find better jobs, suppliers, partners, or clients, but just as we would not like to be bombarded with everything they want to sell us, neither will others and we will have tointeract politely and professionally, respecting who others are and getting to know them before bombarding them with what we want.In leisure-type social networks, such as Facebook , the most important thing is to know that it is a much more informal network, and that the concept of “friend” that is used does not mean but simply the connection relationship between the two. Here the most important thing is to know how to manage your privacy, and choose what you want each person who accesses your profile to see, since this network makes it easy for us to include a lot of personal information that we will not always want to be exposed to everyone: photos, private data, reflections, etc. and we will be able to differentiate one part only for the family, another for real friends and another for the rest of the contacts.Here it will happen on many more occasions that many more people of all kinds, from many countries and you do not even know who they are, and only that privacy is what will allow you to do it being sure that you are not exposing yourself. more than you really want, although there are those who, like me, open everything to everyone, it is a choice, but that you can take later, and to start you can go by making levels of privacy as I told you.There are many more social networks of all kinds, and many more aspects to take into account, but at a particular level this could be a basic summary, which if I had to say it in a few words it would be something simple:

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