Where do I begin? Steps to follow for companies (II): Social Media Plan

The Social Media Plan , we can understand it as the implementation, by a company, a person, of a strategy of presence on the Namibia Phone Number List  web or in the social participation media, to take advantage of a new communication channel that can report to the company multiple advantages. The presence of companies today in social media should be a main issue, and not isolated actions without a clear objective or horizon.As when preparing our general communication plan, the steps to develop a Social Media Plan will be: Approach of objectives to establish our social media presence strategy. The objectives can be very different depending on the type of company we have, the sector in which we are located, the recognition of our brand, the presence and the online reputation of our company, taking into account the particularities that surround our company or our brand, some examples of objectives can be:The objectives set by definition should be qualitative and at the same time quantifiable , as well as achievable and above all measurable .Analysis of the situation , understood as the establishment of an active listening system, to detect the presence of your company or brand on the internet and more specifically in the means of social participation. The idea is to detect the current situation of our company on the Internet. What is said about us? What is said about our brands and our products? What is the degree of involvement of users with our company? In short, who are we on the web? . With this step, we will try to find out who talks about us? What is said about us? And where do you talk about us? I would include within this first step, an analysis of the situation of our competitors, in which we can detect what the digital identity of these companies is like and check what is said about them on blogs and social networks. All this with the aim of defining who do we want to be?

To actively listen to what is said about our company or brand, you can use tools that we will see later in point 6 of monitoring and measuring results. In this case of analysis of the situation, we must define the necessary keywords to carry out our preliminary research work.Define your target that will be your audience , which in some way will be how to carry out a segmentation of your target. With this step what we try is to distinguish between the type of public we want to reach with our communication strategy in Social Media and determine to whom we are going to direct our communication . The same communication strategy should not be that of a company that develops a type of B2B business, than that of one that develops its activity of the B2C type. Perhaps if your company develops products or services for business clients, you will be interested in some communication channels or social web tools and if you are targeting end clients, you will be interested in others.The tone of communication must always be close and bidirectional , you will not use the same tone in your communication if your goal is to become an expert in your sector of large graphic arts machines, than if you sell computer or video game consumables to end users and your goal is to develop a community of ‘ players ‘ to help you build a brand and act as a prescriber of your latest news.


Establish a positioning that makes our message coherent. Most likely, and if not, you should review your company’s strategy, the positioning you want to achieve, will already be previously defined in all your company’s communication. By defining a positioning we will be able to focus the focus of all our communication through social networks and this should not differ too much from the general communication of the companyBeing clear about the user segments to whom we are interested in addressing and defining a position so that our message is clearly perceived by our interlocutors, the crucial moment arrives, to prepare to set foot in a field in which it is no longer worth simply with counting we do it, from now on, we will have to do what we say, because communication will not be an advertising monologue in which a bad spot does not make more noise than silence, but rather in the media of social participation, a Bad practice or a simple criticism, is received by our company and by thousands of people who interact on the network every day.
Develop the Media and Actions Plan in De Phone Number
Media . This is where the time comes to choose the channels or tools of the social web where you are interested in being and once chosen, begin to listen and actively participate in the conversation. Choose the channels in which your company is interested in having a digital presence, It will always depend on the objectives set and the defined audience.Perhaps your company is interested in concentrating all its communication through a blogcorporate to manage to generate its own audience without depending on other media. Maybe you need other channels to reach your audience. It is important to define in which type of networks you are going to create a profile for your company and be clear that each of these must follow the same line of communication so that your entire plan has the coherence necessary to achieve success. and possible uses for your company’s communication can be found in the post ‘ Main social media tools ‘ by Xavier Izaguirre.Monitoring and measurement of results.When we talk about companies and marketing actions, in the end everything that is done must be measured to verify the degree of compliance we have achieved with the objectives set at the beginning.In traditional marketing and many times still in social media marketing, it is done ROI (Return of Investment) calculation necessary, which refers to the return on the investment we have made in each of the marketing actions. In other words, how much we have earned with each euro we have invested. In social media and when developing a Social Media Plan, the returns are not immediate and the variables to be measured are not quantifiable in most cases or at least it is difficult to do so. . Social networks put people at the center of relationships, and conversions in euros are far from direct. A concept that is talked about and used by companies like MindProject is a very interesting one that they call IOR (Impact of Relationship) . The approach is to measure the impact of relationships with people through variables such as participation, authority, influence and other more easily quantifiable variables such as those raised in another type of web analysis (traffic, time on the web, entries , outputs, etc.)

The specific measurement of each of the variables that we need to monitor can be done by centralizing searches through an rss or feeds reader , using countless tools (almost all of them can be accessed for free), such as:Through these readers and correctly establishing the keywords (keywords) that we want to monitor, we can You can find more information and very interesting articles on the subject here:.The Social Media Plan: How to do Social Media Optimization – Chema Martinez-Priego.How to Develop a Social Media Plan for your Business in 5 steps – Aaron Uhrmacher at Mashable.Javier VarelaJavier Varela is a marketing, strategy and communication consultant.As a consultant specialized in online marketing and social networks, he has worked on various projects for both SMEs andimportant companies, as well as projects for the public administration.I am a promoter, together with two other people, of the Fundación Galicia Sustentable , to carry out projects related to sustainability and the environment.I co-organize with four other people the online marketing reading event, The Monday Reading Club in Vigo , which allows me to be in contact with a multitude of people interested in the subject of marketing.As a blogger, I have been developing my activity on the net for several years through the marketing blog, the orange market . On Twitter ,, I read, listen, and learn every day from a lot of interesting people.What I do try is every day to learn from everything that surrounds me, which through social media, is a lot and very enriching.

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