What unemployment teaches us

It is curious to observe the steps that a person follows when their work situation changes radically overnight.

Anyone who has been working for years and has also had the opportunity to do it in several Ghana Phone Number List companies, turns their work into pure routine (I do not mean routine work but daily routine).

He gets up, takes a shower, gets dressed, takes the car, the train, the subway or the bus and arrives at his office. He puts down his coat, greets his colleagues, the most privileged have a coffee and if it is too early the worker reads the newspaper headlines and begins his working day. Back after an intense day, the data happens in reverse. He says goodbye, takes his coat, gets into the transport and home.

But what happens when that person is unemployed?

After the impact of the dismissal, which is already a difficult drink to internalize, he comes home and has to face a family that not only has to give bad news, but also warn them that the way of life is over everyday.

The first days, even months, the unemployed feel supported by friends, colleagues and family but then comes “the loneliness of the unemployed.” Life goes on and everything continues, but the unemployed no longer have their routine. They have taken it away.

What until yesterday was a tostón of schedules, rush, caravans, nerves is diluted in a new way of facing the day.

The most awakened begin an unbridled career by leaving resumes, calling friends … asking for help. But times are difficult for everyone and even if you want to, at this time it is difficult to lend a hand.

Thus comes a day where the unemployed can take two paths. I stay at home because nobody loves me, I manage with unemployment and God will provide (what I have called “licking the paw”) or the one who rises from his ashes like Ave Fenix ​​and refuses to abandon himself to his fate.

The first will surely end up defenestrated, stranded and probably the unemployment will lead to a second problem, which will be the family breakdown. No one will understand why you have given up and are not fighting in the face of adversity. Economic problems will come and as time passes you will be a seeker for grants and charities.

The second will succeed, because with courage, strength and professionalism you can get Phone Number List where you want.

The important thing is to know how to adapt and start over if necessary. Our business card is nothing, it only works as long as it serves and you are what your company represents, so band-aid humility and fight to show who we are again.

I am convinced that many of the more than 4,000,000 unemployed that Spain has at the moment will get ahead with perseverance and determination and in a reasonable time they will relish that routine that previously seemed horrible to them, but which they will now appreciate in a different way.

And the expat will smile when he reads in the press over coffee, that retirement is now at 67 because they have wanted to retire for life and he has not allowed himself.

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