What Is Javascript. How To Embed Javascript In Html

What is javascript? It is an interpreted programming language (that will tell you little if you do not know computer science). To keep things simple. You can think of javascript as an extension of html; a plugin. If you want. Js in html javascript in html is a very useful plugin. Programming languages are fundamental when it comes to designing and developing a website. Therefore. In terms of seo. Managing these two languages is very important. Html would be the basis of our programming work. The language that will allow us to have a fully active website. In which our products are displayed correctly. If. For example. We have an online store. Javascript will allow us to extend our actions. With specific programming functions. With which we will be able to fully customize the functions of our website. As for seo.

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As you know. Google takes into account more than 200 different chiropractor email addresses when evaluating a website and positioning it. Many of them refer exclusively to web architecture and its programming. Which is why it is important to have expert programmers . Capable of adjusting the language structure of our website to what google expects of it. What is javascript? It is an interpreted programming language. Oriented to improvements in the interface of a web page. Currently it is also used to send and receive information from the server. One of the criteria that google most appreciates about your website. And in fact the weight of this criterion is increasing. Is the user experience. A website that is not oriented to the robot. But to the user. Is what will allow you to climb positions in the google serps.

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Javascript favors actions oriented precisely to web usability. So that your company’s site. Or your personal web page . Have a simple and predictive use. How does it work? Html tags create objects; javascript DE Phone Number you to manipulate those objects. For example. The and tag are used to create a web page or document. After creating that document. You can interact with it using javascript. For example. A javascript code called onload event handler can be used to trigger an action. Such as putting music on the web. Examples of other html objects that can be interacted with using javascript include windows. Text fields. Images. And embedded java applets. Advantages of javascript adding javascript to your html module has many advantages.

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