What is # er5?

Difficult task explaining to twitteland what # Er5 is, but I am going to try to explain myself as best I can so that you can understand it, because you have to go back to … uff … I tried to find the first twitt and impossible task.

A little history:

Everything was born when @ralbiol @MartaJimeno @Deagolk @Guiahermo @AntonioDomingo and I decided to stop looking for “Roberto” (that’s another story) in our daily appointment at 23:00 on twitter and we decided to change the objective for our nightly meetings .

Due to the dates we were in, we thought it would be funny to set up a Virtual Nativity Scene and we began to distribute the papers.

Then @josemiguelmaiz appeared, claiming his anti-Christmas spirit and what better India Phone Number List way to stay in shape, so as not to lose our power of conviction, than to try to get him into the club that we started by calling #VivalaNavidad. But this hashtag took a lot of characters away from us so @Deagolk proposed # Er5 (because of the rhyme …). @MartaJimeno opened the list and everything was ready to go.

While we were deciding the roles, @nm_salander and @mechecostas appeared claiming their participation.

As in the worst of companies, it was impossible to go beyond who played the Virgin Mary @MartaJimeno, @ fmlopez48 for angel or @josemiguelmaiz for sheep (you don’t know how he sings Christmas carols anymore). @ralbiol went out of control and was awarded the role of bell tower. The rest had different roles every day, almost undefined because in between the cast we were placed the “ERE in Bethlehem” and therefore there was no work for everyone …

But what is # Er5 really?


This tag has become in a couple of weeks in the nocturnal question of our followers Phone Number List and in the noise of a lot of crazy people that we get together as soon as we can, but inevitably at 23:00. A fast-paced and fun rhythm has been given to night conversations where the participation of a lot of Twitter users has been essential.

In order to organize ourselves, a coffee was proposed taking advantage of the arrival in Madrid for Christmas of @Deagolk and @Guiahermo, but for some things or others it was impossible to meet before his departure, so @Deagolk promised to come the last week of December and here began the move….

Unconscious of myself, I proposed Goya’s Gambrinus (central location with parking were the requests from @Deagolk who came from Valladolid) to see us and “set up the # Er5 Nativity Scene”. @mechecostas called and booked and began to circulate in our twetts the meeting place … from there … the force of twitter and Christmas made many of you smile when “observing” the conversations and when someone asked, we invited them to participate @mechecostas opened a site on their website so that we could sign up attendees and @Deagolk did an event on FB …

In this simple way # Er5 has become a magical place where a lot of friends have joined (at the moment there are confirmed 20 people) that we are going to meet for the first time, I do not know if in Gambrinus or in the Palace of the Sports (because at the rate we are going when the 29th arrives it will look like a demonstration….)

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