What happens to Facebook fans?

When we make a Strategic Communication Plan and in it we include a Facebook fan page among other actions, we think we know how fans will behave in the face of the updates we have projected, but their multiple reactions may surprise us every day.


If we read the thousand posts Honduras Mobile Database that run on the internet talking about the subject, they will tell us how to win fans, how to get more interactions, how to retain them, how to interact, how …

But I never tire of repeating that each brand and each product is a world , each community another and most importantly, every day people behave differently depending on how the day has gone, their mood or the understanding that they are make from published text.

What may seem obvious to some may be complicated or simply misinterpreted for others.

There are times when we publish something that we thought would be really shocking, we receive 3 “likes” and instead something that seems more vain surprises us with hundreds of interactions and comments from fans.

Perhaps they will encourage each other, let’s not forget that when a fan interacts they reactivate the publication and therefore the brand is visible again so that whoever has not seen it or paid attention to it at first, decides to take action .

Today we have a really curious case reported by a Community Manager.Honduras Mobile Number List

A brand reached the round figure of 5,000 fans and how is it logical. Within the communication strategy, a publication was prepared not only to communicate it and thank all the fans for their support, but also to reward the first X who responded to a simple question posted on the wall.

Curiously, fewer responses were received than awards had been announced and what surprised them the most was that three fans decided to stop being so.

It is true that 3 fans out of 5,000 is 0.06% of the total, but from my point of view and after seeing the update, it has no logical explanation.

The brand surpassed the 5,000 figure because logically it grew with new fans attracted by the promotion, but the lack of massive reaction to a gift (it was not specified what it consisted of) that the Brother Cell Phone List  brand ultimately offered continues to amaze.

Therefore, let us be clear that:

The decalogues only serve as an orientation but we can never follow them at face value

Do not assume that an idea will be very well received and will be a success, because we can be wrong

And above all, let’s not forget that we are dealing with heterogeneous people who, although they are part of the same community, behave and react in difficult predictable ways.

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