We have lost the human side of marketing

Over time the Nepal Phone Number List has been dehumanized. The Internet , globalization, the evolution of technology and many other factors have caused us to lose perspective.
Our mission as marketers is to accompany our audience during the purchase process and in their growth as a customer afterwards.
The success of a marketing strategy depends on how well we know our audience and our ability to connect with them. And this depends on our being able to add value to them and show the human side of our company. Ultimately, it depends on establishing an emotional connection between the company and the client.

We are social beings and we need to feel that connection with the companies with which we interact. It is one thing that, after this phase, we may prefer a faster and more impersonal attention, but even these types of transactions have an emotional part.
Think about user experiences on outstanding websites, extraordinary online customer service, etc. in the emotion we feel when we are treated well, in the desire we have to receive the product or service after these experiences.
As marketers it seems that when we go from buying to selling, we forget that we are dealing with people and how we like to be treated.

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We sell to people, let’s do a marketing directed to them
All these factors that have made us lose perspective and obsessive orientation to the sale (not to the process, to the pure transaction), have led us to think that there is a shortcut to the success of our marketing.
We are looking for a magic formula, the “sell button” in a tool that allows us to get results immediately. We optimize processes, we measure, we try new tactics … and we forget about our customers! We only see numbers!
Of course we have to rely on technology, but technology should do just that, support, not become the chief marketing officer of the strategy.
We have to go back to the roots of DE Phone Number where we look for what really interests our audience, where we look for a way to add value beyond the functionalities, where that full satisfaction of our customers leads us to connect emotionally with them, where the brand represents much more than a logo and colors … where our marketing is truly human (we are selling to people, not machines).

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