VIP followers or just followers?

Speaking of communities, suitability will always be more important than quantity
Santiago, Chile.- As the network increases its capacity, marketers begin to understand that the interest should be focused not on getting a considerable number of followers, but on suitable followers.

Therefore, the context is important and although many marketers insist on preferring VIP followers or opinion leaders when it comes to connecting with the public on social networks , the real value of people for the brand will be achieved Switzerland Phone Number List by delivering the message in such a way that it reaches the people who have real influence among the rest of the followers, which is not always achieved through opinion leaders. In fact, the really influential followers are usually those who already know the product and who can recommend it, as before, by word of mouth.

An example of the above is the tremendous effort made by Claro Chile , to be present in all the media with campaigns that include national celebrities, which, even though they are close figures, have not managed to reverse the position of the company in the consumer’s mind. .

According to research conducted in the USA by Crowdtap , people can share with opinion leaders, but will be more easily influenced by people who are closest, ideally friends or friends of friends who can attest to the quality of the product. The Chilean prefers, when making a purchase decision, an opinion of people he really knows, either online or in person. This suggests that brands, in order to achieve marketing influential , need to get recommendations from their peers, rather than send thousands of messages to people who have no relationship with the market and who only add up in the networks.

Somehow we are returning to direct marketing, as a consequence of social media and its influence. Perhaps for the same reason, in Chile, most of the Phone Number List companies that are in social networks , chose Facebook already in 2010, as the main tool, because the level of contacts that occurs in this network is much closer and intuitively they knew that the results were linked to the social.

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