Differences Between Versions Of Windows 10 And 8

It is possible that in recent days a message has appeared on your computer inviting you to upgrade to windows 10 for free. Microsoft’s new operating system. Tempting. Right? But i guess before making such a crucial change in your life you want to be sure. So i am going to tell you the differences between windows 10 and 8 versions. What is windows windows is a suite of pc software products. Which also distributes products for smartphones. Servers. And microsoft-related systems. Despite what many people think. Windows is not an operating system. The operating system is ms-dos or windows nt today. The origin of windows dates back to 1985. In this year. Specifically on november 20. It launched its first stable version for the public. For many years. Windows dominated the pc market.

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It is estimated that up to 90% of personal computers cio email list microsoft’s operating system. However. Today other developers have taken a part of the market. Although it is true that windows remains unbeatable globally. How many versions of windows are there until today. Microsoft has marketed up to 14 different versions of windows. They have been the following: windows 1.00. 1985 windows 2.00. 1987 windows 3.00. 1990 windows 3.1. 1992 windows 95. 1995 windows 98. 1998 windows 2000. 2000 windows me. 2000 windows xp. 2001 windows vista. 2007 windows 7. 2009 windows 8. 2012 windows 8.1. 2013 windows 10. 2015 these are. Until today. The main versions of windows. In most cases. Support has been extended after a new release. However.

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This period has been reduced from the 16 years of support that microsoft offered for windows 1.00. To the average of 7 years for new products. What is windows 8? Windows 8 was the first microsoft DE Phone Number system to eliminate the start menu. In fact. For many. Windows 8 will go down in history solely for this fact. After the complaints received. The next version did include the possibility of going to the menu. What is windows 10? Windows 10 is released to the public in 2015. For the first time we had a universal application architecture. In addition to other advances such as a first-time excellent transition between mouse and touch screen. Main differences of windows 10 and 8 broadly speaking.

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