Use or abuse of social networks

For months I have been mulling over an idea What is better : Being on all social Oman Phone Number List or only those that you find most useful? That is to say: Use or “abuse” (understood as a presence of the type “to be there” and without listening).Many of us, including myself, are on 3 or more social / professional networks, on Twitter, we have a blog, we are registered on hundreds of sites, etc., that is, we have a fairly established and broad virtual identity.Most of those “hundreds” of sites in which we are registered, fulfill their function : information, training, web services (Twitter platforms, photos, etc.) and other more specific topics of our profession. This is the useof the Internet, right? Take advantage of the resources it offers us.But something different happens with social networks. Social networks are to communicate, find old friends , professional contacts, … and a thousand other things .

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What happens when you are registered in 3 or more? What if we also add “multi-update” status tools to this ?In my opinion, participation in social networks would be classified as 2:Use : social De Phone Number in which you communicate, participate, “get the juice” from them, interact with their users, have a large number of contacts, etc. etc., in short, in which you are an active user, a “ social user ”.Abuse: social networks in which you simply “are”. In which you are a “speaker” who sends messages (via multi-update), but does not participate, does not interact (beyond the occasional participation when an email notification arrives).Do you think it is worth being in this second way in a social network? Being “to be”, being “just in case”, … is that web 2.0 ? Isn’t it against what we preach?In my opinion (this is my internal debate) we should restrict our activity to those social networks in which we are active users, in which we find a real utility, etc. in the rest we

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