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Last Saturday, although a little late, I joined the Twision program because I was curious to see the interview that they were going to carry out with Jose Mota.

So far what I have liked of all the programs that I have had the opportunity to watch, has been the twittentrevista, along with the search for gadgets of @gonzalocolomer and the section of @martasimonet

Although there are things about the program that I don’t like at all and I said it openly the day I participated @GabyCastellanos ( thank goodness that Gaby gave him the turning point so that he would not change the channel, doing a good interview), what happened on last Saturday I am unpleasantly surprised.


Has anyone thought that Veo7 is the only channel that has dared China Phone Number List to bet on a program on social networks with special emphasis on Twitter?

Has anyone thought that they only have 11 programs and that they are trying to fit into requested schedules and topics? (If I’m not mistaken, they have three day and time changes)

Has anyone ever thought that the presenters, their Community Manager and a huge team (I can attest to this) are at the bottom of the cannon in every program?

That on Saturday the program was not live, I think it was not to mount the mess that was organized. In the morning @gonzalocolomer had tweeted that at night he would be in Rock in Rio and none of us miss us.

What should they have warned? Well, okay, because there are many people who spend tweeting the entire program to see themselves on the screen or simply to give their opinion or give advice on things that seem right or wrong … ask for justice ”the way some did.

The level, quality and content of some tweets really impressed and surprised me even though I’ve been on Twitter for a few months now, but I don’t even tell you at home (we were with some friends who aren’t twitter) when I read them out loud … the impression so great that they took on some of the twitter commentators, who only damage the general image of the people who use this platform, network or media as we want to call it.

Anyway, things seem to have returned to their normal course, thanks to the fact that Phone Number List a few twitter users began to try to calm the spirits of the staff, downplaying it and because both @jfabrego and @ Veo7 and many other friends of the channel went out and later @melchormiralles wrote an explanatory post.

I do not share public lynchings or rudeness.

Perfect constructive criticism and I am also sure that from Veo7 they are taken into account, but the destructive ones and the disqualifications do nothing but deteriorate the image of Twitter and consequently of the people who use it.

Let us therefore give a margin of confidence to a channel and a team that are striving to have a good program.

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