Training in Social Media: not everything works

We have written a lot in our blogs about the thousand and one courses that circulate daily on the net, some of them of great value taught by prestigious schools and universities, but we also come across many other courses every day that unfortunately leave much to be desired .

It seems that anyone who has a profile on social networks can serve to train those who arrive, without realizing that to train not only must have extensive knowledge of communication, marketing and social media, but also must know how to communicate and transmit, something for which not everyone has the specific qualities.


Recently @mariarubiom wrote a very successful post ” Keys to choose Dominican-Republic Mobile Database a good Community Management course” , where he described the three factors to take into account when choosing a training course:

The center
The teachers
The price
During the last two years I have trained individuals, professionals and companies at the hands of large schools, because the first thing that trainers must do when committing ourselves to an institution is that it does not discredit us as professionals.

Therefore, the most important thing when it comes to training is to know well the institution that hires us and to find out previously about the group of teachers with whom we are going to share the classes, because sometimes it does not correspond to what is expected.

That is why I have committed myself to direct together with @sertxusanchez the “Executive Master in Community Management and Social Media Management” that arrives in Madrid in September after its proven experience in the city of Alicante.

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Magnificent endorsement: The University of Alicante #cmua

For many months I have been able to check both online and in person on the Trip Costa Blanca Blog how the training of new professionals in the Alicante area was working from #cmua.

If something caught my attention from the beginning, it is that in addition to perceiving a good atmosphere, teachers / students and an intense work to keep up to date on all topics through the hashtag #cmua and Facebook groups, it is the pride of belonging radiated by the students. I do not know any of them who do not speak well of it, but they also all boast of having studied there and more than 6000 students have already passed through the different courses that have been organized.

The teachers

Seeing the cadre of teachers not only from Madrid (I attest that those I know personally are magnificent professionals and trainers), but also those from Alicante (where this Master was born), Valencia and Barcelona, ​​was what gave me enough confidence like to get on the car and get involved beyond teaching the classes of a module as planned at first.

The price

You just have to browse a little and check prices for similar Masters.

The difference speaks for itself and the best of all is that in this sector teachers are not paid based on the price of the Master in question.

There are some very expensive Masters that I know have very poorly paid teachers and it is just a business for the center and on the other hand, in others the teachers have fees commensurate with the effort made without this having an impact on increasing the price exorbitantly.

Finally I liked the combination of online and face-to-face training.

I think that being able to study without having to go to a training center every day allows us a lot of mobility, work simultaneously and take care of other things while we study online, but the proximity of face-to-face classes also manages to integrate students, get Brother Cell Phone List  closer to teachers and above all to solve the doubts that are more complicated.

During the next semester I will continue training in addition to #cmua in several schools, universities and companies of the level, because it is my passion, but always attending to the three previous criteria, since knowing how to choose is as important for students as for teachers .

When it comes to training and training, not everything works.

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