TOUT: Twitter in 15-second videos?

Last night reading the TL I found a tweet from @OscarDS that spoke of a new social network that is sweeping the US.

I invite you to discover @tout the neva visual social network that is sweeping the US http: Hungary Mobile Database As you already know me, I started messing around to get to know the platform and this is what I found:

When we enter in the browser. The first thing we find is that in order to access we have to log in through your Facebook account.


Once authorized to connect with our account, it shows TOUT users that they are our friends on Facebook and invites us to follow them.

In my case, it only showed me 2 of the almost 1,500 friends that make up my network, which clearly indicates that this network is still not well known in Spain.

Uploading the videos is very easy.

+ New Tout appears at the top right. If we press, a window will open that will allow us to connect the camera and the microphone of our equipment so that just by pressing “Record” we can start recording.

It will only allow us 15 seconds of recording, enough to be able to share a special moment, an image that we have captured that is newsworthy, a live accident, that snowfall that everyone wants to see, the best of that place we are visiting, a theme curious, a fragment of a song that we are playing with an instrument, the first steps of our children, the moment of “if I want to” or use it professionally by hanging small extracts from our courses and conferences … in short, surely we can think of many things that to share.

Let’s think that most commercials only have 20 seconds to communicate.Hungary Mobile Number List

We can publish the videos accompanied by a text not only in TOUT, but also to disseminate it through our Facebook and Twitter accounts and the most curious thing is that it provides some buttons that when pressed insert an at in the text in case we are going to use a nick or we want to classify it with hashtag, which will be very useful to position ourselves and to perform searches.

It also allows us to comment on a specific video. press “like” and share them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as well as “Retoutar”, that is, the same thing we do when we “Replicate” on Pinterest.

When we press Retout the selected video will be placed in our profile


The last button on the right allows us to select the uploaded video as private, so that only we will see it.


Of course, the applications are available to install them on our smartphone and upload it directly.


At the top we will find a search engine, where we can find our friends quite easily(I suppose there are still few users and therefore the task is done very quickly and without errors, I found Oscar in a second)


When we start browsing the platform, we can see the videos and hashtag of the day.

Possibly this network in the US is being a success but I think that, at least for us, we lack time to also be able to stop and watch the videos of our friends one after another.

The positive thing compared to the tools that we use up to now to upload videos, is that we can have all the captures archived in our profile, share them whenever we want and interact with the rest of the users (although we can already do this on YouTube), but this network It offers us immediacy and above all the certainty that there will be no videos with a duration greater than 15 seconds.

At the moment I think it can help us to make a personal file that we can use if we use it professionally.

We will be attentive to see its evolution.

If you dare to open an account, you can find me HERE Brother Cell Phone List .

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