TOTALmedia will bring the latest trends in digital marketing through Digital Signage and Mobile Marketing

The third edition of TOTALmedia, the leading fair and congress in Southern Europe in DOOH, mobile phone directory canada Out of Home, Digital Signage and Mobile Marketing will open its doors on October 6 and 7 at IFEMA, Madrid. The event hopes to overcome the barrier of 6000 visitors that it reached in its second edition in 2009.

TOTALmedia has established itself as the European meeting point for the latest trends in digital marketing and will feature the first swords in the international market, as well as a spectacular conference program with the best success stories worldwide.

The event, whose registration will be free, has the sponsorship of LG and Samsung, and the collaboration of the media Announcements, Organiza, Alimarket, Control, Strategies, Interactiva, as well as specialized media and the organizations EADA, La Salle, Aserluz, MMA (Marketing Mobile Association) and AEDISI (Spanish Association of Digital Signage).Among the activities programmed in TOTALmedia, the 1st Keiretsu Forum and the 1st National Congress of Mobile Marketing will take place, organized jointly with the MMA.

1st National Congress of Mobile MarketingTOTAL media and the MMA Spain, Marketing Mobile Association, jointly organize the 1st National Mobile Marketing Congress focused on disseminating the advantages of digital communication on mobile devices, as well as its connection with the screens of a Digital Signage channel.Keiretsu Forum: the largest private investors network at your disposal in TOTAL media 2010

The organization of the contest opens a shortlist of companies that wish to seek financing to launch their projects or give a new boost to businesses already established within the De Phone Number Signage and / or Mobile Marketing sector. Among the projects received, a selection of 10 companies will be made based on the guidelines of a financial consulta

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