To get out of the crisis we must return to the roots of marketing

I was recently invited by Iñaki Alcaraz (Managing Partner of AGLV) to one of his training breakfasts, where we talked a bit about everything, but mainly the marketing approach to face the crisis that we have above us.
Here is a summary of the most relevant points and the complete video of the interview.To get out of the crisis you have to go back to the roots of marketing.
If you want to cut a tree, 75% of the time sharpening the ax and 25% cutting it.
We do not train to sell, we go directly to the field.
If you are able to transmit your  Dominican Republic Phone Number List vocation to your business, there is no one to stop you.
Marketing from the inside out and from less to more.
The biggest transformation is personal.
The value contribution of entrepreneurs is in the project itself, not in the communication channels.
We must be aware that it is our clients who are in control of marketing.
See full video of the interview.
To get out of the crisis you have to go back to the roots of marketing
What will help you get out of the crisis are not the tools, it is the heart of the company and how you are able to transmit that philosophy outwards. First the employees, then the customers and finally the community around the company, to help them beyond your products that leads you to generate that trust necessary for things to work. All this from a much more human approach.If you want to cut a tree, 75% of the time sharpening the ax and 25% cutting it
To define and implement the strategy that will get you out of the crisis, you have to go through three major stages:The first thing is to know how far the water reaches you: when we are under so much stress, we go from one place to another doing things but without a clear focus. Stress can. Carrying out an analysis of the situation, both internal and external, and proposing the most probable scenarios, will help us to have a starting point and lay the foundations to define the plan. This will help us calm our nerves and begin to focus on what is most important.
The next phase is to prepare the company for going to market so that it receives you in the best way (and more taking into account the context). From the employees, through the processes or the famous four pes of marketing or work processes.
To finish by defining the marketing strategy that we believe will help us get out of this crisis.

We do not train to sell, we go directly to the field
It is incredible to see how our sports idols work hard to be the best, they have physical trainers, they do diets, they go to the gym, they study their opponents,… and we do not train to work, we go directly to the field! Without shoes, without adequate clothing, without training,… when we see a ball we kick it to see if it enters the goal. The markets look like little boys’ soccer games. They are a cloud of players (companies) that move from side to side of the field chasing the ball (customers), and from time to time they kick the ball (sales tactics), to see if they score a goal ( sales targets ).If we want the results to come, we have to prepare. We have to introduce strategy as a way of thinking in the company. “Training does not mean stopping the company for 6 months to think. It is having a change of focus, it is preparing yourself to have better results ”.If you are able to transmit your vocation to your business, there is no one to stop you
One of the keys to the success of companies is that the company’s brand purpose coincides with that of the founder or manager.
Companies are made by people, and they often reflect the personality of whoever founded or runs them. Adapting it in each case to its scale, if we manage to combine our personal purpose with that of our project, if what moves us internally is what we do in our work, no one can stop us!This happens both on a large scale in large companies (there are numerous examples of companies that reflect the personal purpose of their founders or their managers), and in our projects or jobs. When what motivates us, makes us better and adds value to others, is aligned with the work we must do, we are unstoppable!First the contribution of value, the service, and as a consequence of this come the sales. If we do it the other way around, and more in this context, customers perceive that the only thing that interests us is their money and once they buy, they will forget about me. ”
Marketing from the inside out and from less to more
This principle is a reflection of my marketing philosophy, I believe that it is the process that we must follow in all cases to put order in the marketing activity of the company. This way of doing things takes on special importance in times of crisis like the current one. Going back to the roots of marketing will help us refocus our efforts.If you want your business to work, the first thing is that your employees and you are well and confident to do the job well. Obviously within a context of great pressure and crisis, but within those possibilities, like me as a manager of that business or department head, I can transmit that confidence and give the necessary tools so that my people are well and do their jobs well. Once they are good, they will be able to convey the brand’s philosophy and purpose . And in their contact with customers they will be able to transmit it to customers, they will notice it and they will transmit it to the community. ” This will come back to us in a very positive way (in every way).
This crisis has made us realize that the most important thing is people. First our employees, then our customers and lastly the community.

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Starting from the brand purpose, I go for the next layer: products (what products do I have vs. should I have given the situation) and communication channels (do I need to remove / add / reinforce any?)
Companies whose marketing strategy is limited to a digital presence through a website, the next question is: what combination of product and channel can give me access to new types of audience and thus increase my market share? And so try to get out of the crisis.
Internet as a channel and its role in the internationalization of the company, can show us the way out of the crisis.
It is not enough to do the same things as before, but with more love. The context has changed, we must do things differently.
The biggest transformation is personal
What we teach in the book will allow us to translate the ideas that managers and / or department directors may have, into a digital strategy that allows them to start out of this crisis. This is the challenge that less digital companies have always had. They have the knowledge, the experience, etc. but it is difficult for them to make the leap.
The value contribution of entrepreneurs is in the project itself, not in the communication channels
It is very common to find how entrepreneurs, due to lack of budget, become experts in digital channels ( SEO , email marketing , social networks, etc.). The time they invest in learning and putting it into practice is time wasted for the project, since they will never be the experts that the company needs and the opportunity cost they incur during learning (because they are not dedicating it to what what really add value), is huge.
The important thing is to surround yourself DE Phone Number with the team that helps you translate your ideas into digital and that you know what is necessary to guide them, but without having to be an expert. These digital teams are defined according to the needs of the project and the available budget (structures adapted to all pockets can be assembled).
We must be aware that our clients are in control of marketing
Following the example of the soccer game. From marketing we can have the feeling that we have the ball under control and we go to the goal. But the reality is that it is our customers who have control of the ball (of the purchase decision), and what brands do is cheer from the stands to help them reach the goal faster.When we are aware of this reality, it is when we look for ways to increase our influence in our clients’ game on the field. And the answer again leads us to a brand purpose that connects with our audience.The interview touches on many other points both on a personal and professional level, but I prefer to leave them so that you can discover them yourself in the video.

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