Tips to Improve Customer Service by Whatsapp

WhatsApp has a mobile application for companies -WhatsApp Business- and also an API in the cloud . Without a doubt, WhatsApp API Cloud is the best option if you want to provide a quality service. 2. Automate attention One way to improve customer service on WhatsApp is through the automation of simple and repetitive tasks . Many clients will contact you with the same questions or requests; having these processed automatically without agent intervention saves time and money. To do this, you can choose to create a chatbot for your WhatsApp channel that will allow the chatbot to serve users, even if no agent is connected. In this way, the human staff can have more time and capacity to process the requirements of greater attention and importance.

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Integrate WhatsApp into a CRM CRMs are very useful for sales teams as they record all interactions and conversations with your customer. Thanks to this, you will be able to keep track of the status of the relationship with said client and deal with it more efficiently in the future. CRMs allow you to schedule tasks, meetings and commitments so that you don’t Ivory Coast Phone Number List miss any details; and it is an indispensable tool to help make our attention more personal and individualized by WhatsApp. 4. Leverage performance metrics Both WhatsApp and CRMs offer KPIs or performance metrics that will allow you to analyze the results of your actions in real time.

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The importance of a WhatsApp Multi-agent platform improve customer service by WhatsApp In order to improve customer service via WhatsApp, you need to involve your entire sales team in service and support tasks.  Hence the importance of betting on a multi- agent platform for WhatsApp that allows you to access it from many devices simultaneously; so the whole team can work comfortably and efficiently. That is why we recommend the Impulsa Sac platform . This management software will DE Phone Number help your team to be more efficient in each of the customer service processes; since it gives you unique functions and allows you to evaluate your performance with personalized metrics. In the following video we review some of the characteristics of Impulsa Sac.

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