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When planning Bolivia Phone Number List  campaigns , the natural tendency is to plan them with the strategies and in the means that we know best, and / or those recommended by our agencies. Most of these recommendations tend to be, at best, new actions in those same media and not new approaches. And this, logically, leads us to standard campaigns in which the results are, at best, acceptable.I don’t have the secret formula for success . But what I am sure of is that to get good results, and from time to success failuretime great successes, we must do something simple: think .In the annual planning, and each time we launch a campaign, we should consider what objectiveswe want to achieve, and what is the most appropriate strategy .This obviousness is something that is rarely done. Many companies end up repeating over and over again the campaigns they have been doing for years (“because it is what we have always done”) or if they are just starting out, they imitate the competition’s models, without considering whether it is what is best for them. Result: standard campaigns = standard results .What I want to propose in this post are complementary strategies and / or different ways of doing things in traditional channels (if we can talk about tradition in a medium as new as the Internet), and do it in asummarized way, since we could dedicate several entries to each of the points.1. Display: We have been talking for some time that banner advertising does not work. Why do we say that? Because, most of us , we are only capable of measuring the direct results -click / visit / objective (purchase, request for information, etc …) -, and we do not know how to quantify the qualified visits (that end up buying) that the banners get .These visits usually come through search engines , and through direct traffic (users who type our URL in the browser).What other options do we have to improve your results?In standard campaigns: combine general rotation with segmented fixed buttons, and test, test and then test more.

Run campaigns on the Google Adsense network: although they have a very low CTR, they are not very expensive and bring leads at a reasonable price.2. Search engines: A SEM strategy is not enough to be present, we must follow a constant optimization and niche search process. In addition, having a standard campaign you can:Use Google Ad Content (adwords ads on web pages related to your product ).Work to achieve a better Quality Score , using the name of your company and the product in the text and URL of the creativity, and using similar texts in creativity and landing page , etc … This will improve your results, and lower your CPCs .Test longer search strings. The ones that work cost more to find, but are infinitely cheaper and more efficient.It is not the same to search for “hotel in Madrid”, than “hotel Chamartín, Madrid”, than “hotel calle n, Chamartín, Madrid”, etc. Truth? The same can be applied outside of geographic criteria: “open a bank account”, “open a bank account without commissions”, “open a bank account without commissions with a card”, etc … Try different ways of looking for our product . Remember that we do not always use the same language as our clients. In “their language” transfer can be: change bank, move account, change account, etc …What I mean is that as much as we think we have thought of all the options, our future clients use many other ways to find us. A good source for these search strings are organic traffic keywords (clicks on “non-advertising” search engine results).There are many other possibilities, but I will not go into them, not to deviate from the subjectAn SEO strategy , in my opinion, is one of the least worked disciplines, and with the greatest potential for any company . The possible optimizations would give for several posts, but in addition to all the technical issues (tagging, programming, etc.), and as a summary for marketinians:


-SEM and SEO strategies must go hand in hand . In addition to helping to optimize both, it will make your natural results better positions (“free” traffic), and you will save costs in SEM by improving the Quality Score and the possible cross SEM-SEO strategies.The greater the match between the search carried out and the texts on your landing page , the better position you will get in natural results . For this affinity to be greater you can use the many resources available on your De Phone Number page: semantic urls, titles, headlines, alt text, links, texts, etc …ial domains and subdomains . To the previous point we can add the use of domains specially esigned to improve positioning.. For example, if you work in a hotel chain, you could create a domain or a subdomain:, and redirect both to your online booking landing page.3. Emailing: It is another of the little-used means. It takes hard work, but the payoff can be great. My advice is:Look for a single provider : If you use several, the same database will receive your emailing in two ways, and this will make the providers compete with each other, reduce their margin or that of the database, and This means that the campaign does not finally compensate for either of the two parties. Plus, working with a single vendor makes optimization easier.Emailings must be short and direct. Find an email optimization guide and try to apply it.Drive traffic to a specific landing page for the emailing campaign. For these landings, two extra tips: Include the form on the landing page itself and avoid putting contact numbers (it will divert leads to the phone and prevent you from measuring their real effectiveness, and if you pay CPL, the provider will not be very happy!).4. Affiliation: It is a perfect tool to gain coverage, achieve good results, and also control the cost. Work on the relationship with the affiliates that give you the best results. You both win. Measures and establishes mechanisms ofquality control of leads. Think that if you make things easier for the affiliates, both parties win .Look for a serious affiliate network . If they promise you great results in the short term, a bad sign.5. Web optimization: Optimize landing pages : Perform A / B and multivariate tests, design dynamic landing pages (for both search engines and display), create landing pages for all products / content (“Long Tail”), etc. … Think of ways to drive traffic to these landing pages from the rest of the web. If you put a communication channelavailable to the user, make sure you serve it correctly. Putting an email, phone, etc …, which takes a week to answer hurts you more than benefits.

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