TikTok presents TikTok for Business new advertising platform

TikTok has just launched TikTok for business, the new platform for creating advertising campaigns on TikTok.

According to the latest IAB Annual Study of Social Networks “TikTok is one of the platforms that has grown the most in users and notoriety, multiplying all its metrics by 3 or 4 compared to 2019 .

It is a network that stands out among users under 40 and a female profile. Kazakhstan Mobile Database Before it was perceived as youthful and musical but now its perception has totally changed ”

Advertising on TikTok

The claim of TikTok is do not advertise, do TikToks and connect with users with the same language.

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Scalability and creativity: TikTok is a growing entertainment-based platform that offers users and brands the tools they need to tell their stories.
Image, movement and sound : Content in a mobile environment with music, sound effects, voice-over, reactions …
Inclusive and participatory community : On TikTok, users can participate and be inspired by a marketing campaign, even creating their own version of it. You can measure the impact of a campaign in near real time.
Every day TikTok is a place where culture is made: it is an open platform Brother Cell Phone List  where anyone and any brand can be discovered. The opportunity to know what is happening around the world is unlimited. Culture is created openly and inclusive on TikTok, every day.
Advertising is immersive and creatives are not an obstacle. All the contents of the platform are full-screen videos and appear natively with the user experience through AI.
Virality On TikTok, anything can go viral around the world in a matter of hours and reach diverse audiences of all cultures, ages, ethnic groups and languages.
They also inform us that a new effect for brands “Branded Scan” has been launched that allows users to have an augmented reality experience with any brand.

TikTok continues to rise and right now the advertising is very visible because there is no saturation.

What do you think of this new platform?

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