TikTok launches Lead Acquisition Tool

TikTok has launched a new lead capture tool to help companies easily reach their customers and drive conversion with ease.

This “first-party” solution from TikTok allows companies to share details and information about those products and services that may be interesting to users, through simple screen touches.

TikTok how advertising works

The TikTo k lead generation tool allows businesses (both large companies, SMEs, and entrepreneurs) to create fluid interactions to reach their target audience, in order to convert them into potential customers.

To do this, first of all, users are asked to fill out a form and provide Finland Mobile Database their data (such as their name, email or telephone number) to show their interest in that specific product or service. Additionally, basic information that users provide to TikTok can also be auto-populated for a more efficient user-business experience.

How Ads TikTok works

TikTok lead generation also allows companies to create fully customizable messages applicable to multiple customer segments. Leads can be downloaded manually or, if they are integrated with the company’s CRM, they can be activated immediately.

Nina Ricci was the first company to use this format to promote its latest fragrance using an In-Feed Ad with a Spanish tiktoker who unboxed with a “call to action” so that platform users could register and request a sample free.

During the 24 hours that the campaign was on TikTok, it achieved:

41.85% conversion ratio
1.5% CTR
83% lower cost per lead compared to other lead generation campaigns that the company had previously conducted outside of the platform.
TikTok is also testing in-app product sales in Europe with a buy button so that users can purchase products directly by tapping the video. This functionality already exists in the Chinese Douyin application and we will possibly see it soon in our country.

As I have always maintained, TikTok is a platform where advertising is perfectly integrated, fundamentally when brands use creators to get their messages across and in my opinion that is where the success of the future of social marketing lies: advertising adapted to each social network, not invasive and integrated into the content.Finland Mobile Number List

With regard to user privacy and transparency with the lead generation tool, when users submit Brother Cell Phone List  their information to TikTok, a Privacy Notice is displayed indicating to users that TikTok is collecting the information to the advertisers and both the TikTok and advertisers Privacy Policy will be linked in the form.

In addition, the personal information collected through this lead generation tool will only be accessible to the advertiser and users will be able to edit their information in the form or click to exit it at any point in the process.

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