Three years is nothing or a whole life change

The truth is that although I knew that I had created my account in September 2009, seeing reflected that it is your third “Twitter birthday” gives joy, but above all it makes you look back and remember the beginnings, because no one should forget that, we have all been rookies at some point.

I remember the first steps, when I did not understand anything and even though they insisted that this was a “fun” tool, I did not see the humor anywhere.

Starting on Twitter three years ago was quite an adventure, I do not even want to imagine what it meant in its origins, I admire the people who were there from the beginning and stayed with it thinking that it would have a future, because if there were not many of us in 2009, the pioneers had to pass the desert crossing.

The first months on Twitter were of laughter, of talks, we almost used China Mobile Database it as a chat.

We created a group through a # er5 hashtag, which had a huge following and I’m sure many of us still remember it fondly and with a certain nostalgia.

More than one night the hateful whale came out to meet us and left us for a long time without being able to access Twitter and the worst thing was when you exceeded the number of tweets that were very limited. Directly Twitter subtly told you that you were a parrot and punished you without being able to interact in the open, so you felt like a sheep behind the fence, trying to jump without success, reading the tweets of your contacts and only communicating by DM.


Seeing now this composition that if I’m not mistaken was made by Concha at that time, I realize how time has passed and how our lives have evolved.

As Fidel Martín @fidelmartin said this morning years ago, when we entered Twitter we would say good morning, if we left we would say goodbye and we always wished our contacts good night, which at a certain point became a problem as you entered In a loop of responses and wishes that made you disconnect an hour after you were fired for the first time.

Rare was the day that 20 or 30 people did not respond to your greeting, but little by little it was fading and today many times we go like a horse into a china shop due to lack of time and we do not even say hello if it is not to respond to someone who has done it previously.

It is true that when your contacts grow, it becomes difficult to manage your network, but especially in this time, what has become complicated has been our lives.China Mobile Number List

Now most of us use Twitter in a professional way, just by responding to mentions, exchanging links and trying to give a hand to those who request it, we spend hours and sometimes you want to thank RT or FF and you can no longer do it individually, such as we did at the beginning.

I was reading the other day in a group that its users questioned whether it was good or not to say thank you for DM. Logically, if you only have to thank 3, you can do it personalized and open, but if the figure is much larger, you cannot, for times and because our TL would also be impractical, it is a shame because not doing it takes you away from your TL.

In the intervening years we have created lists, something that I had consistently resisted, but you have no choice but to use them if you want to manage Twitter properly. Lists are very good to be organized and organize your times, but many times you miss important information and also skew the personal relationship if certain people are not listed.

As for tools, I remember the day I discovered TweetDeck by the hand of Nieves Martínez @nieves_ma and Jose Miguel Bolivar @jmbolivar. Little by little I got the hang of the tool and since then, although there are many others that are great (for example Hootsuite offers many more features) I have not been able to abandon TweetDeck, perhaps out of habit, perhaps out of love just because, in Twitter you love people, brands and tools that work properly for you.

In three years there are thousands of applications available, at first Brother Cell Phone List  getting data was nothing short of impossible and making a report for a client was quite an adventure. Now the problem arises when trying to select the best applications given the great variety that we have at our disposal.

Three years ago there were almost no celebrities, no singers, no famous journalists, and not many media outlets. Neither did it appear in the news nor did you find the logo being part of the advertising of the big brands. In this sense, it has evolved, in some cases positively and in others not so much, but many of us try to maintain its essence, which is its real value.

Anyway, three years on Twitter have given a lot, on the one hand knowledge and on the other and most importantly having met great people, previously anonymous and very possibly never known if it had not been for the existence of this network (medium, platform … as we want to define it).

Three years is nothing, but in my case it was a life change and the discovery of great personal relationships.

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