The trends that will redefine the customer experience and their loyalty

What will how to check mobile number owner in saudi arabia relationships be like in the years to come? This is the main question that the recent study “The Age of Experience” prepared by the Sitel company tries to answer . All this, bearing in mind the current environment, marked by factors such as the continuous pressure on costs, the increasingly demanding expectations of customers to receive higher quality services, the increase in the complexity of the services or the decrease in time response to customers.

Among the main conclusions derived from this report, it is worth highlighting that customer service services continue their growth trend in importance and size, which will mark contact center services throughout 2015 and in the following years. But, in addition, four other key aspects are pointed out that are reshaping the future of customer service and that will contribute to improving the experience and user loyalty:

Technology and InnovationSocial networks, the mobile environment, omnichannel, the cloud environment, Big Data, etc., are revolutionizing customer service. Consumers use available technology at their fingertips to contact brand customer service centers and expect the perceived experience to be top-notch. The contact centers of the future must offer customer service where the key is the confluence of technologies. Just as human lives are increasingly interconnected thanks to new devices, consumers demand support and customer service that assimilate these innovations exponentially. Consequently, companies must adopt a technology-driven forward-thinking approach to building strong relationships with their customers.


Customer service operationsCustomers demand more from products and, consequently, companies must deliver more and better. In this sense, brands that are intelligent will find customer service a priority factor to influence the level of consumer confidence and reduce the percentage of dissatisfied customers.
The new customer care services have to develop a culture of continuous improvement, in which a close watch is kept on the key metrics -Client Effort Score (CES) and the Net Promoter Score (NPS) – that allow to measure the effort towards customer service and the degree of compliance with the objectives to offer the user a differential experience. But there are more things companies can do to improve the customer experience:

Be more proactive , anticipate customer needs and offer useful and convenient information when you need it most.Be oriented towards the centralization of services through an omnichannel strategy that allows a differential experience.Promote self-help through the use of the latest technologies in voice recognition, advanced IVR and more visuals that help provide a more natural, efficient and less frustrating interaction than traditional tone dialing systems. In this way, companies will reduce costs and be able to maintain a multichannel service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Employee managementNo matter the sector or the size of your company, there is a key principle, no De Phone Number service strategy can be effective unless the employees and agents who are on the front line serving and supporting customers are motivated and trained to do so . Motivation and training is the key to human resources. In this sense, it is important

Track the workforce – Human resource leadership management is key to customer service success. It is important to implement data-driven solutions that allow you to analyze the service, the results and make decisions that drive the talent, and, consequently, the income and benefits.Adapt to generational change : Millennials have different expectations of their work experience, consequently you have to adopt methodologies, tools and processes to predict the change in the workforce and react quickly.Incorporate gamification : You have to align certain gambling techniques with passion for work and personal commitment. Motivate work, effort, competitiveness and the fulfillment of objectives by applying playful and game methodologies.Global outsourcingCompanies that integrate nearshore and offshore into their outsourcing processes will reap greater rewards and minimize risks and costs. The outsourcing of customer service will be even more global in the coming years and will incorporate yet another facet, the drive for teleworking. Technological advances are helping to reduce the concerns that existed around employing agents who worked from home (problems with bandwidth, with reliability or security).Today it is possible to have agents who can meet the staffing needs to meet, for example, a peak of part-time activity and provide the best customer service by providing their expertise and capabilities.

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