The Study of Social Networks IAB is here

As every year, IAB has presented the Study of Social Networks in Spain, corresponding this time to 2021, prepared by Elogia.

To carry out this document, 1,379 people were interviewed between March and April 2021, of which 1,101 correspond to user surveys and 278 to professionals in the Marketing sector.

At this time in Spain 85% of Internet users use Social Networks, which in absolute figures are more than 26.6 million people between 16 and

The study leaves no room for doubt, social networks continue to gain momentum Italy Mobile Database but little by little new platforms are being incorporated, such as Clubhouse, which appears for the first time, or the unstoppable rise of TikTok and Twitch.

Although the smartphone is still the most used device for the use of social networks, Smart TVs show exponential growth, mainly to view YouTube videos.

The network best known by spontaneous respondents continues to be Facebook, followed by Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and TikTok.

But if we focus on the networks that have actually been used in the last month, WhatsApp takes the lead, followed by Facebook, YouTube, instagram and Twitter.

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In terms of time spent on social networks, Twitch is the platform that consumes the most time with 1 hour 40 minutes.

Regarding the Social Networks most valued by the respondents, WhatsApp and YouTube are located, but it is important to highlight the third place that TikTok occupies, improving its evaluation compared to last year, followed by Instagram, Pinterest and Telegram.


In Social Networks, users mostly follow their friends, families and acquaintances but it should be noted that almost half of the users follow Influencers and Brands. In the case of brands, the percentage drops compared to the previous year. Perhaps users are getting tired of following brands that do not share content of interest.

Also noteworthy is the 31% of users who follow the Media and also a small percentage follow politicians.

The preferred network to follow Influencers on Instagram, followed by YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok


The credibility of the Influencers is maintained although 43% think Brother Cell Phone List  that the contents are highly advertising.

Regarding social ecommerce, 50% declare that they investigate before making a purchase and 37% leave comments on social networks about the purchases you make.

They mainly search on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

The penetration of eSports continues to grow, more than 49% of the face playing video games online with a higher percentage among young men.

50% of Social Network users have viewed eSports competitions mainly on Twitch.


Without a doubt, Generation Z is par excellence the one that uses social networks more intensely, especially Twitter, Spotify, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitch and Stereo, while Millennials use Facebook or Linkedin more.

Marketing professionals mostly use Instagram, Facebook but it is important to note that they are beginning to know TikTok better.

But at a commercial level, professionals use Facebook and Instagram, although for them the most vaorado are Telelegram, TikTok and YouTube

The main objective pursued by Marketing professionals is to Sell and secondly but remotely such as customer service, branding or notoriety.

In THIS LINK you can find much more data from the IAB Study of Social Networks

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