The sense of humor and the desire to get ahead are not burned by anyone

One more year at this time,
Campofrío sneaks into our homes, through the TV screens, to bring out our emotions.
The theme chosen for this Christmas was quite evident, Namibia Mobile Database they could not miss the opportunity to refer to the Burgos factory fire, making us feel firsthand what thousands of families felt when, upon waking up, their lives had turned upside down. 180 degrees and, what yesterday was the tranquility of working in a good company, became the threat of being able to become part of that long and dreaded list of unemployed that has plagued Spain for more than 6 years.Namibia Mobile Number List
But it is Christmas and the messages have to be positive.
Solidarity with those who have suffered different and multiple Brother Cell Phone List “fires” in their lives during this year and a positive message loud and clear, as a continuation of their previous campaigns “No one can take away a sense of humor and the desire to get ahead”
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