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example of the NBA Top Shot application which now allows you to collect and exchange videos containing the actions of a basketball game Canada Phone Number List Database through NFT. The NBA is remunerated with commissions on the transactions of these contents.On the video game side, publishers are also starting to take a close interest in NFTs and blockchain opportunities. We can take the example of Ubisoft which launched Rabbids Tokens , Raving Rabbids in the form of NFT tokens whose profits are donated to UNICEF.Since the first months of 2021, many works have been sold in NFT, sometimes reaching record sales levels. Here are some recent examples of NFT sales that have caused quite a

stir, with their astronomical sums:The equivalent in euros: 57.8 million euros. A sales record achieved by the auction house Christie’s for the work Everydays: the First 5 000 Days by the American artist Beeple, which is a mosaic of drawings and animations created daily for 5,000 days in a row . A great example of the rise of NFT technology.Ten digital works by Canadian musician Grimes have been put up for sale on the specialized platform Nifty Gateway. Among these works, in March 2021, a single video titled “Death of the Old” was sold as an NFT for $ 389,000.In February 2021, the inventor of one of the internet’s best-known cats auctioned off a remastered version of the original GIF. The Nyan Cat was sold on the Foundation site for 300 ETH

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(approximately 470,000 euros). Although anyone can continue to download this chat, the person who made the purchase remains the sole owner.The future of NFTs looks bright, especially for digital art. Indeed, NFT tokens will allow artists to offer art enthusiasts a non-duplicable digital property certificate for any assigned digital asset, which was not the case before.NFTs are of interest to artists but also investors, and therefore speculators. In 2020, NFTs already represented a market of 207 million euros, and if we take into account the craze at the start of 2021, this figure is likely to continue to increase sharply. The risk is that this speculative bubble will eventually burst, but that

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does not appear to be the case at the moment.Discover the impact of the health crisis on the rise in digital skills of employees and the transformation taking place in the work environment.The “Hopes and Fears” study , carried out last February by the audit firm PwC, brings together the responses of 32,500 employees in 19 different countries, including France. Overview of the impact of the health crisis on the rise in digital skills as well as the future aspirations of employees.If the health crisis has shaken up the world of work, it also represents a way for many employees to upgrade their skills, especially in digital. In fact, 40% of those

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surveyed indicate that they have experienced an increase in digital skills during the various confinements. In addition, 77% of employees say they are “ready to acquire new skills or to fully train themselves” and 4 out of 5 people say they are able to adapt to new technologies at work. Figures which show a real transformation of the world of work where digital is more and more essential.At the same time, the increased importance of digital technologies worries and widens inequalities between employees. In fact, 60% of those questioned fear that the increasingly efficient automation endangers their jobs, and 39% of them think that their job is likely to be obsolete within 5 years. And the prize for the most alarmist country regarding the evolution of the world of work goes to the French, since only 38% say they are optimistic on the subject.While improving digital skills creates real

opportunities, it also widens the gap in inequalities in terms of access to knowledge. Indeed, 46% of respondents who have a higher education degree indicate that their employer offers a lot of opportunities for increasing digital skills, against only 28% for those surveyed with a school-level degree.The impact of the health crisis is also societal with the appearance of new aspirations on the part of employees, so that 75% of those polled say they want to work for a company that adds a “positive contribution to society”. Another consequence of the pandemic: one in two employees would like to create their own business.Regarding the work environment, only one in ten

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