The ROI of work: effort, enthusiasm and passion

Who was going to tell me, when I went to the CENP (First School of Publicity and Public Relations in Spain) secretariat , to collect my Advertising degree, that I would return 30 years later invited to the Closing Ceremony of the Academic Course, nominated for the Valle Award de Suchil, who values ​​and recognizes the professional career.


Since I received the email from José Ferrón, where he indicated that my resume had been selected as a finalist, I did not give credit.

There are thousands of students that we have passed through there during all these years and not only in Advertising, but also in other careers that also competed for the Prize.

The appointment was on Friday, May 18 at 6:00 p.m. and coincided with a course that I am teaching in the afternoons, so I notified the organization of the center that I could not possibly attend the event.

After the insistence of the organizers to come, I was able to change the afternoon class with another teacher and as always together with Vicente (you know that he is my great unconditional support) we attended the Act.

When one thinks that there are possibilities of being the winner, Singapore Mobile Database you spend days preparing clothes, shoes, hairdressing … all perfect just in case and “to look good in the photo”, but in my case the truth is that at no time did it happen Through my head that this could happen, so I had not thought about all these details more than usual than any other day to leave the house.

It is not a problem of self-confidence, but rather that the CVs of the finalists were extraordinary and also Francisco Martín Albores (another of the nominees) had been second in the previous year’s edition, so I thought that he would have more chances of get the accolade.

After the initial presentations and the opening conferences, we were able to listen to Carlos Pereda Mendoza, President of the Marketing, Communication and Sales Club who was the winner of the First Edition in 2011 of the Valle de Suchil Award.

Carlos’s speech was moving, making us all travel to the past, remembering when we passed through our best years as students and transmitted to the kids who graduated yesterday, the need to continue with their training, not to decline, to see the bottle half full, because it is not necessary to think about the number of 5 mm of unemployed if not to focus on the fact that there are more than 22.5 mm of active workers, he pointed out the importance of learning languages ​​to face the world we live in and not rule out the possibility of travel outside of Spain to enrich yourself with experiences.

And the great moment arrived, they announced the time to give the name of the Prize winner.

Sitting in the front row with my colleagues, I entertained myself by tweeting the event, because whoever knows me knows that I try to share the most relevant topics of the events I attend.Singapore Mobile Number List

“Fátima Martínez López” … on the screen, on the public address system … and my cell phone fell to the ground in shock.

The applause sounded and I thought they weren’t going with me, it was a dream, it wasn’t real … an auditorium full of kids who finished their careers that day, their families, the faculty that had met to decide who was the most appropriate candidate, teachers, nominees … echo in my ears.

Fatima Martinez Valle de Suchil Award 1

And without really knowing what to do, I got up and headed for the stairs to go up on the stage … “not over there, on the other side” “aggg what nerves, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to go up without tripping” … (something The actors must feel the same way when faced with a grand prize) and Mr. Francisco Javier Carreño Cima, the Director General, standing up, with the statuette in his hand, Brother Cell Phone List approached me to give it to me with some affectionate words.

I did not feel nerves, I felt emotion, an inexplicable and contained emotion, because inside you everything is stirred …

Impossible to articulate a word, just to thank, because although we are used to giving lectures and courses where we usually move every day with greater ease, at that moment I felt like it was the first time.

Memories move, it is half a life, lived experiences, jobs in both companies in which we have left part of ourselves … for 30 years.

Valle de Suchil Fatima Martinez Award 2


And a conversion, the one that made me fully enter the exciting world of Social Media and that has made me happy every day, for a few years now.

Once past the initial shock, when we called to give us additional diplomas, and could address the attendees to try to move that work, effort, enthusiasm, passion, positive energy and surrounding himself with good people and friends all you can, this is the best ROI of a professional career without a doubt .

Valle de Suchil Fatima Martinez Award3


The best thing about this experience has not only been to receive this magnificent Award, but also the affection and

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