The provocateur

Although I do not usually write about these topics, among other things because I do not like football or politics, I will make an exception because this topic has turned me on considerably as a Madrilenian that I am.

This morning I saw a tweet from an angry friend with an article titled “Spanish or shitty Catalan?” http:Phone Number List , curiously published in El Blogs (which I do not understand) and after reading it I have not had for less to leave my reflections here.

First of all, in Madrid we don’t hate Barcelona, ​​or the Catalans, not even Barça! Let’s not generalize please!

Generalizing in this way bothers me sovereignly as a Madrilenian and also I do not understand what it comes to constantly face. Extreme people (like the one who writes the article) good, bad or regular exist in all the provinces, in all the countries and on all the continents and to put the cap on each one I think it is already quite out of fashion. Not all Andalusians are revelers, not all unfriendly Basques, not all closed Galicians, not all cool Madrilenians. These topics should be banished once and for all.

Mixing nationalisms with sports attacks me deeply. It is one thing that Madrid and Barcelona have always been faced with “seeing who has it the longest” (an expression that I can’t stop hearing everywhere lately) and it is quite another that we lose our references.

Madrileños feel Spanish, in the same way that in many other provinces Ecuador Phone Number List many people feel Spanish, Catalans, Galicians and Basques included, regardless of whether some others want to be independent is worth the redundancy.

Trying to use football for “divide and conquer” seems shameful to me. We can be from Madrid, but if a Spanish team faces a foreign one, all Spaniards want the Spanish to win, without a doubt, even if the author of the article says otherwise. Unfortunately, when it comes to Barça, some Madridistas and some fans of other teams want me to lose, but have Barça wondered why?

“We want the defeat of the Spanish team” says the editor of the article But … what are we doing? Please, someone explain to me why this hatred of Spain, who hates whom? We do not want to turn the arguments around, gentlemen!

And your reference to the Spanish flag? This is how the political parties, the PP and its followers take it out at rallies and the rest of the parties protest, gentlemen! Well, take it out too! that the flag is not the patrimony of anyone but of all Spaniards.

When have you seen a Barcelona match with any team, with Spanish flags? I’m afraid that never, and yet when Betis, Getafe, Atleti go out to play in a final… there are. So do not complain because the madridistas get involved in it, so does Fernando Alonso or Rafael Nadal and nobody complains, right?

Let’s put an end to the bullshit and writing provocative articles to confront the masses and if they want independence, they ask for it elsewhere, but do not contaminate the sport and do not continue to confront the Spanish. We have too many important problems to solve in this country to keep looking back.

I am from Madrid and I have many Madrid friends from Barça and many other Catalan friends from Madrid and I am not going to get carried away by the mental derangement of some who have lost the north and only want to face us.

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