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First of all I clarify that although I am not an HR expert, until not long ago some media did not request the services of recruitment companies and therefore, when it was necessary to increase the workforce (secretaries, executives, team leaders) within one of my tasks was the search and hiring of them. The world of advertising is a world of contacts and rare is the day that few CVs are received, you can also find what you need in the competition, thus avoiding a basic training of the candidate. That is why I dare to analyze the profiles that, at least in my professional experience, have succeeded.

But let’s do a little history:

The evolution that the advertising sector has undergone in the last 20 years has been exponential. Back in the 80s, few were the media that until then had their own commercial force, since the publicity reached them directly. When the proliferation of new media and therefore the competition arrived, each medium was assembling its commercial Ivory Coast Phone Number List teams to carry out proactive sales. The demanded profile of the advertising commercial was based almost exclusively on having a good presence, average studies and ease of speech. With these requirements the position was almost assured.

Starting in the 90s, we began to incorporate a more professional profile into commercial teams. Higher education was highly valued, although I think spontaneity was lost in people and candidates who would have given a lot of play were allowed to pass. Little by little we were incorporating superior graduates who also had a master’s degree and finally almost all the candidates were bilingual.

But with this background, what is really the profile of a good commercial today? Is it sufficient and essential to have a magnificent training?

We will find three types of profiles

1.-Those who have less training but a lot of experience

2.- Those who have a lot of training and little experience

3.- Those who combine training and experience.

In all three cases we undoubtedly find magnificent commercials. (Those that do not have either of the two variables are usually dismissed from the beginning)

From here, the first input you receive in a personal interview is essential to estimate / reject a candidate and this gives us the guidelines of the profile of a good salesperson :

1.- Know how to sell . If he / she does not know how to sell himself / herself, he / she will hardly know how to sell the assigned product.

2.- Knowing how to listen : In order to be able to satisfy the needs of a client and give them the best solutions, one must know how to listen.

3.- Personal appearance. It is not about having a good appearance in terms of physical beauty, but in your personal appearance. From now on it will be “the visible face of the company”. If a commercial comes to the interview disheveled, what can we find when he’s already working?

4.- Adaptation. Defining at this point knowing how to behave in each situation. In commercial work we will meet clients of all types, shapes and conditions and we must know how to adapt. Today it is visited in an industrial estate, tomorrow in Serrano street; today a business owner, tomorrow a marketing director; today in Madrid, tomorrow in Gij√≥n …

5.- Do not speak ill of your competition or your previous job. We want you to sell Phone Number List our product highlighting our qualities, not speaking ill of others. It will appear that you have no sales pitch and will therefore discredit your sale.

6.- Good expression .- It is essential that you make yourself understood. You will have to communicate daily and your message must be clear, concise and concrete

7.- Initiative . A salesperson who only waits to receive orders will carry out the work entrusted but will contribute little to the team. You need a lot of creativity

8.- Ambition . Of course, ambition well understood. A commercial will have a part of his salary subject to incentives, therefore his goals must be to earn money, train and make a career in the company

9.- Personal values. We want to surround ourselves with good professionals but fundamentally good people

If these 9 points are met, do not hesitate to hire him @

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