The means at our disposal are free, the talent that pushes them is not

One of the things that the Cayman Islands Phone Number List
has changed is that it is not necessary to make large investments to achieve great things. The means at our disposal are free, the talent that pushes them is not. Before the Internet settled in our lives and provided us with a “free” form of communication, the only way to run a campaign, convey an idea, carry out a large project was by putting up money.The ingredients of a low-cost initiative have not changed that much. They still require high doses of luck and work (in artist painter palette colors whatever order you prefer). The fundamental difference is that the Internet tremendously increases the chances of success. And best of all, without having to make large investments. This democratization is leading us to the fragmentation of the market, to increased competition, and what is more important for the “internet users”, to the value of talent more .


If we transfer this approach to other areas, the Internet is the brush that the artist uses to make a great work . The investment to make any famous painting we can think of has been minimal. The fundamental thing is the talent behind the work .What examples of successful low cost projects do you know? We will surely learn more from them than from many books , masters, etc … In Spain we have several events that bring them toge ther people who use the De Phone Number to do great things (I’m not going to talk about social networks, viral campaigns, etc … for not getting too long): Initiator , Conversion Thursday , Last Thursday , First Tuesday , Eats and Twitts and many others. You can find out about all the events available in Eventosfera .Dare to participate in them. Besides meeting a lot of interesting people, you are going to learn a lot.

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