The luck of being a mother

The general experience of having a child (there are some exceptions that we read from time to time in the press) seems to me the best thing that can happen to us in life.


The famous phrase of “giving everything without expecting anything in return” is the most Denmark Phone Number List suitable for hundreds of thousands of human beings who were born with the possibility of bringing into the world those tiny little people who in a very short time become adults and parents us they age little by little, but with the satisfaction of having left a small mark on the world.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a mother to congratulate, because she left us 7 years ago. Together with my father, he created a family of 8 children and had to go through the sad pain of losing two while he lived, he also lived through the war and the postwar period and every time he told us those stories we all ended up disconnecting, but now I would have loved to have paid more attention and ask a thousand questions.

The generational difference was very big and for me it was a sadness not to have had the opportunity to share many more things with her in recent years.

We begin to understand our mothers when we are too. Those sleepless nights because someone is sick, because they have not come home at the set time, because we do not like their company … That anguish that comes to us when they are sad, when they doubt, when they do not understand very well this world that has touched them to live.

In the society we live in today, it is difficult to educate them without Phone Number List whims and toys and the exacerbated consumption that we have had in recent years may make them suffer in the next few years, to adapt to the world that they will have to live in. It is difficult to get out of the car when we want them not to lack for anything

Today I am satisfied, my mission is almost accomplished. Educating and teaching children is not an easy task, but if we are lucky enough to have received a good education at school and at home, we will be able to transmit it to them and in the future their life will be full of values ​​to live in harmony with the rest of human beings.

Now we only have to continue enjoying and suffering because being a mother is forever and with the years the joys and problems are transformed, but today we are celebrating because I have been lucky to be a mother and I am happy for it

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