The Hotel Talaso Atlántico shares with us its experience in Social Media

Now that the heat is on, there is nothing better than taking a walk along the Galician coast and talking to Celso Gómez, head of Social Media at the Hotel Talaso Atlántico @ Talasoatlántico in Pontevedra.

Celso has a frenetic pace. Until March he was a Hotel Receptionist and after a few years combining Social Media tasks, he is now part-time at Reception and the other media dedicated to Social Media, eCommerce and Hotel Revenue, in short a born worker who is always in a good mood and thus transmits it in the profiles he manages.


It has managed to humanize @ TalasoAtlántico so much that it is a brand France Mobile Database that falls well and invites you to want to know at the hotel at the slightest opportunity, something that all companies should pursue.

But let’s see what is the experience of Talaso Atlántico in Social Media.

Does the Talaso Atlántico hotel belong to a hotel group or is it independent?

The Talaso Atlántico hotel is independent, in 2003 there were hardly any thalassotherapy centers, neither in hotel chains nor in independent establishments.

In fact, in 2003 there were none in Galicia, so we are the first hotel with a thalassotherapy center in Galicia.

Since when have you been present on Social Networks?

We started on October 27, 2008 with Facebook and soon we continued with Twitter, myspace (yes, there too) and soon we continued with YouTube, with our blog on Blogger, flickr … and so on with other networks such as instagram, Pinterest, with a company page on Linkedin, G + …

And we are still aware of what is moving, what am I going to tell you, if you are also an early-adopter?

Who or what prompted you to start on Social Media?

It was really something that had been said something, but no one had decided to take the step. Thus arose, a bit of chance a bit of causality, the decision to register for the first time on social media by a “geek”. From there, the support of the Management and the Commercial team was total. And not only support, but also allowed to work with creative freedom and providing more means, both software and hardware tools, as well as time and monetary resources.France Mobile Number List

Without a doubt, without that trust in Social Media it would not have been the same.

What networks and channels are you active on?

The question would almost be the other way around, which one are you not active in?

We really give up-to-date content especially on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Other social networks such as the company’s Linkedin page we move it less.

Certainly, the content of Flickr is rather static since we have it as a visual presentation of the hotel and this content is less changed. Residual is the use of myspace. Google+ deserves a separate mention, in which we are, if we give weekly content, but not with the same level of activity as in others.

Now, we are always concerned about what happens there, for example recently with the use of Places, now Local (which being a physical establishment, all the movements that happen there are very important).


Do you talk with the users of the platforms or do you just information about Brother Cell Phone List  your products?

We do not dedicate ourselves only to inform about our products, since we consider it an error.

We like the conversation, to establish ties beyond the mere communication of products.

We are meeting interesting people every day, we know their opinions, we clarify doubts, we solve problems, we build loyalty through this conversation. And above all, we learn a lot because we like to have our ears wide open.

One of the things we like the most is when after the online conversation, whether based on comments or tweets or “likes”, there comes a time when the person on the other side of the device is de-virtualized. That moment is wonderful, because we are all taller and prettier in offline reality, right? XD

Do you share from your company profiles information from other sectors that has nothing to do with yours?

We always try to have a certain relationship, one way or another. Dedicating ourselves to the hospitality sector, the range is very wide since it includes everything. Tourism enters, gastronomy enters, society enters, technology enters, health and wellness enters, family travel enters, and events such as weddings or communions, congresses enter, etc. But not only that, tourism is leisure, and leisure is also music (we have a playlist on Spotify) and it is also visual with third-party photographs and / or videos. And above all they are people, not customers (although they can be). Therefore, it is very easy for the information we share to “match” in some way with our own content.


In addition to the website, do you have your own company blog?

Correct, we have our own blog that is, in which we try to talk a little about the closest ones and what affects us the most, always related to the hotel, thalassotherapy, tourism, ideas for the trip and the environment.

Is your CM a person from the company or is it external person

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