The danger of associating brand advertising with editorial content

Thanks to @ManelFMartinez who gave me the link, I have been able to follow the crisis created on Twitter with ING Direct, news that is echoed by the newspaper El País .

But what has happened so that hundreds of users of the platform criticize the brand?

Really something that is uncontrollable on the part of the brands, but we are going to assess the facts:

The newspaper La Razón published on the front page an article entitled ” Bad students agitate Education” , “where it accuses five student leaders of having” a lousy curriculum and a clear link with the PSOE and other leftist formations ”

A headline and information that made Twitter explode, when, in addition, South Africa Mobile Database  the concentrations are called tomorrow to protest the rise in university fees and the cuts in education.

At 11 in the morning the brand sent a first generic tweet

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Reactions to the article have not been long in coming and for more than 8 hours the Twitter users have asked the brand for explanations, asking them how their advertising can be sharing space with this news and in some cases threatening to stop being clients of the bank.

The brand has responded to each comment with an explanation, which at a certain point has become the same message repeated over and over again to each user who addressed it.



But what can a brand do about an issue like the one referred to?

Brands plan their advertising on a certain medium and in some cases they even buy a certain space in advance (normally this advertiser uses the fixed spaces of the newspapers for their communication), therefore it is impossible to control the content of the news.

Because their advertising is placed there, it does not mean that the brand shares and approves the newspaper’s contents, they simply advertise on the supports where their target is located.

Making a newspaper and putting it on the kiosks every morning is a true miracle, achieved by a great team of people who coordinate to get news, advertising, layout and printing married in a timely manner. .

It is literally impossible to ask each advertiser whether or not they share the information that is published every day in each space and if it is okay for them to link their advertising to a certain content.

If we scold each advertiser who shares space with a piece of news that we do not like from a certain medium to withdraw its advertising, the media would die, but not La Razón, all newspapers, magazines and print media in general, because not all We agree Brother Cell Phone List with all the information that is published in them and therefore some would protest today and others tomorrow.

In this way they could never use the news media to carry out their campaigns.

Today has been a twisted and unfortunate news in La Razón, but tomorrow it could be in El País, ABC, El Mundo … and what do we do, do we sink them all by pressuring advertisers to leave the medium?

The force, anger and indignation over a story like this must be focused on the specific medium that publishes it, not on the advertisers who all they do is use the available channels for their advertising.

This is not La Noria that pays the mothers of alleged murderers, this is just a biased story from a support that has a certain ideology that many may or may not share, but that no one may be surprised because we already know the header.

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