The creative possibilities of the new Marketing

Mobile Marketing and new applications and developments are little by little taking hold and being integrated into brand communication campaigns.
Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds using geolocation, creating 3D and Augmented Reality effects, allowing users to interact with the product and facilitating the test / product without hardly bothering, since they offer us the possibility of testing ourselves for example a dress if going through the changing room or placing the new watch collection on our wrist from a shop window without even entering the store.
We can find countless applications with which we can do the shopping, Bangladesh Mobile Database write a journal of our trip including photos, maps and comments, choose the favorite music that will sound when we enter the selected store … from the simplest such as reserving a restaurant to the most complicated.
Many are the examples that we have seen in recent years carried out in other countries with great success, such as the campaign carried out by AXA Seguros, combining a mobile application with its advertising in a newspaper.

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The best thing about this campaign is the perfect integration of the On and Off media, which is key to the success of good communication with consumers.
The good news is that we are already seeing how in Spain some brands dare to test these tools with great success, creating their own applications or using third-party applications.
In the new Nesquik campaign a comic is combined, for its young consumers, where when activated, they can read the codes with an application made specifically for smartphones and they will see how their favorite character as well as their environment takes physical form

Again we talk about the Brother Cell PhoneList consumer experience.
We no longer want them to tell us how good a brand is and how optimal a given product can be, we want them to make us live different things, interact with us and in the end the brand is present when we want it, it is about to sneak into the life of the consumer without being invasive.
But if this seems new to us, we only have to look at the new Lexus campaign, which uses the “CinePrint” system with perfect and total integration between print and digital media.

A fascinating world in which there is already talk of facial recognition technology, outdoor advertising that will know which product to show us by the audience profile to which we belong, discriminating by age, sex, way of dressing …
The creative possibilities of the new marketing are endless, this has only just begun

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