The contradictions of life

This week has been very intense but special, on the one hand there are joys as important as the birthdays of my two children (yes, curiously both were born in different years, but with only a few days of difference) and on the other I have received the most sad news of the death of a friend.


Joy and longing accumulate in the same instant.

Happiness for the past years, you have seen how your children are growing up, how their lives are taking a firm course and little by little they try to forge a future for themselves. They hardly need you anymore, they have their own day to day, but that almost remains forever and when they get sick or have a problem they always come to you, they return to the nest to try Austria Mobile Database to feel like children again seeking maternal protection.

Whenever they have a birthday, memories of what they were like the day they were born, what you felt when you saw them for the first time, their first steps, their first words and their first day of school. The carpooling, the tears shed by their first sentimental failures and their refuge in your arms.

But you have to let them fly and try to make them always want to return, even for a short time, because this world we live in absorbs the minutes and it is difficult to combine tasks and schedules to be able to make plans together.

And when you are making the celebration plans, finally a holiday to share and celebrate, the phone rings and like a jug of cold water the news of a great loss falls.Austria Mobile Number List

We had not seen each other for a long time, her cruel illness of those that they call “rare diseases” tortured her body in recent years and she, who had always been a woman of arms, take, here I am, if she does not go unnoticed, she hid in her refuge to suffer almost alone. A woman with great character who kept within herself a great person. He created a shell around himself to protect himself from an outside world that he did not like.

She did not want us to approach her in her decadence, she did not want us to see how her beauty was extinguished in a wheelchair, she definitely did not want us to suffer at her side. I guess deep down she always wanted us to remember her how she was when she worked on my team, beautiful, strong, brave and with Brother Cell Phone List great character.

Life teaches you that you have to live, that you have to enjoy every second of yours and how I like to be positive, stay with the best of each one. When the moment comes, you have to feel it, but rejoice for having been lucky enough to share great moments together.

Today we will celebrate the birthday of the “children” but part of us will also be with her … the contradictions of life-

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