The business crisis, the Internet business

During the bursting of the Internet bubble in Spain , many 100% online Sweden Phone Number List , and others with strong support, went under. Now, the trend is reversing. Internet-related businesses are best weathering the crisis. Something closely related to the development of the Internet in Spain, and to the transfer of investment from traditional media to online media.For these and other reasons (which I explain below), companies that have not gotten into the Internet should start thinking something like: « We are in crisis and I am going to increase my investment«. This, which seems like a declaration of intentions in group therapy, is what we would like to hear when talking about the Internet (with or without crisis), from many of us who have been betting on the medium for years (I am talking about increasing investment, but in some cases it would mean starting to invest).

It is what we would like to hear and what many advertisers should do. What is holding them back and why should they?Brakes on advertising investment on the Internet1.- Resistance to change . The same is happening in many sectors with its business model: music, cinema, etc… Many advertisers are having a hard time changing their advertising investment models. Why? It is a model that has always worked for them and they are afraid to change, even though the results have not been the same for a long time.2.- Lack of knowledge of the environment. They do not have much experience on the Internet, and they do not believe in the medium, despite seeing that more and more companies do so. We just have to see the investment data online. When investment across all media drops sharply, internet ad spend data is still very good. According to IAB data, in 2008 investment increased by + 26.5% and in the midst of the crisis, the same source says that online investment in the first quarter of 2009 has grown by + 3.6%3.- Lack of staff with solid internet experience . On many occasions, the people who design the media strategy have no experience and there are no people on their team to show them that the Internet works.


The good news is that there are many more arguments in favor of investing online, which will make logic prevail.Why should we start or increase our investment in online media?To this question we should add: “… and more in times of crisis?” There are many reasons, but I am going to mention the most important ones in my opinion:1.- Investment control and measurement of immediate results . We have all kinds of advertising and analysis tools for:Amateur investors and / or with reduced budgets: with a minimal budget they can, for example, carry out SEM campaigns and measure with Google Analytics .More advanced investors with bigger budgets: combined strategies of SEM, SEO, display, emailing, SMM, affiliation, … and web analytics tools such as Omniture, Web Trends or NetInsight.Analyze the navigation on our site, profile the most attractive type of client for our company, etc …2.- Effectiveness . Internet works. We have many examples of:Companies that strongly base or support their Internet strategy that works for them.One-off campaigns with spectacular results.Companies born by and for the Internet that have been succeeding for a long time.3.- “Surgical” segmentation . The medium allows you to be present on those pages, search engines … that your future client uses to decide the purchase, get informed daily, etc … According to the latest wave of the AIMC study :

If the Spanish Internet population is more than 24 million people … no need to calculate, right? That is, this segmentation, in addition to increasing the conversion of your campaign, allows greater control of costs, etc …4.- Price . Reduced rates and the possibility of taking actions that require more effort in time than in money. Above all, if we compare them with the De Phone Number media, and with the budgets of the managers to which I was referring at the beginning. The Internet allows you to design a decent advertising strategy for all types of budgets and campaigns (capture or image).5.- Future. I am not talking about the topic, “Internet is the future”, because this is a reality. I mean that when our consumers increase their use of the Internet for their purchases to the expected levels, companies that want to survive must be prepared. And that is not a work of a few months. It requires acquiring experience, making mistakes, having a great capacity for learning and self-criticism…, the speed of evolution of the Internet makes it necessary for us to always be in “beta mode”, looking for new paths.

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