The best courses to learn to edit videos online and in Spanish (free and paid)

Video is the format of the moment, especially for companies.

If you have a business and you have not yet ridden this wave, you are already falling behind.

But how do I make a video if I have no idea where to start? A good option may be courses to learn how to edit videos .

The reality is that you do not need a large amount of material, since today there are mobiles that record as high quality cameras.

You only need a device that records video, a bit of artistic criteria (which improves over time) and some basic notions of editing.

Whether you are one of those who start from scratch or if you already need to go to the next level, I have compiled in this list what, in my opinion, are the best online video editing courses .

Level Course Price Page
Beginner Basic Video Editing Adobe Premiere Pro Free To access
Beginner Editing and Color Correction Course with DaVinci Resolve Free To access
Beginner Creation of Professional Video Tutorials with Camtasia Studio Free To access
Beginner Video Editing Course for YouTube € 80 € 19.99 To access
Beginner Filming and Video Editing Course with mobile for Social Networks € 397 + VAT To access
Professional Professional Editing with Adobe Premiere 35 € + VAT To access
Professional Expert Course in Video Editing for Mac with Final Cut Pro X € 139.99 To access
Medium / Professional Complete After Effects Course and Advanced Product Animation Course € 29.95 and € 19.95, respectively Access the After Effects course Access the Advanced Animation course
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Index of contents
Entry- level courses for beginners in video editing
basic video editing1. Basic Video Editing Adobe Premiere Pro (Free)
This is the quintessential video editing software. Although it is the one used by professionals in the sector, it is very intuitive.

In this introductory course from Poland Phone Number List Udemy, you will learn its basic functions in a very practical, orderly and fluid way to work efficiently on your projects and achieve professional results.

To give you an idea, once you finish the course you will know how to modify a video by eliminating excess parts and elements and add elements such as text or background music, among other more pros.

In general, it is a very complete content with clear explanations.

color correction2. Course on Editing and Color Correction with DaVinci Resolve (Free)
If you want to give a special priority to color in your videos, this is your course!

In it you will learn to edit without prior knowledge, giving your projects a professional look in a simple way.

The best thing about this Crehana course is that it uses a free editing program and the teacher himself shows you where to download it.

Like the previous one, they also provide you with the files they use.

In my opinion, it is a very good course to start if you don’t want to invest money at the tutorials3. Creation of Professional Video Tutorials with Camtasia Studio (Free)
Your goal may be to teach others through online courses or info products.

In that case, I recommend this course, which not only teaches you how to edit, but also how to record the screen.

It focuses on the video tutorials and offers some helpful tips on them.

You can sign up for this course for free on the Teachlr platform and start your adventure in creating online courses.

youtube video4. Video Editing Course for YouTube
This video editing course is the ideal option if you want to create a real impact with your videos on YouTube and succeed as a content creator on the platform.

And you will achieve this by producing a complete video for YouTube from scratch and step by step.

You will learn to edit videos with quality results, going through the script, recording and editing, including color correction, audio / sound and video effects, music and animations.

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To do this, you will use professional Adobe tools such as Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop.

In addition, you will create an identity with your own custom animated logo for your YouTube intro.

This course has a reduced price of € 19.99 and is taught by Pico Navarro, who has extensive experience as a video editor, especially for youtubers.

record mobile video5. Course on Filming and Video Editing with the mobile
This complete course from El Taller Audiovisual will teach you to create videos (record and edit them) from your mobile to achieve a professional and quality result.

The idea is that you are willing to go on camera, since it is a very practical training.

It is mainly focused on professionals and companies who want to quickly learn what is necessary to be able to use video as a communication and visibility tool.

The price of this course is € 397 + VAT.
Professional digital video editing courses
professional audiovisual montage6. Professional Editing with Adobe Premiere
If you would like to give your projects personality and professionalism, this course is for you.

It focuses on teaching you how to produce videos in a professional way without the need for a camera (it includes 40 files to work with).

You do not need to have prior knowledge to take this course. From scratch you will learn the techniques to achieve high quality content, expert level.

This course has the advantage of having a support of attention to the doubts that you have on the subjects of the course.

It is currently priced at € 35 + VAT.
Mac video editing expert7. Expert Course in Video Editing for Mac with Final Cut Pro X
This video editing program is another giant in the industry for Apple computers.

I only recommend this course from Udemy if you already control this software and want to master its more complex video and audio editing features.

You will get to know advanced techniques and tools in depth, to achieve a faster and more efficient job in a professional way.

Reach the highest level with this course, which is currently priced at € 139.99.

encoder media encoder8. Affter DE Phone Number Effects and Advanced Animation Courses
Within the field of video editing, there is a specialization that any post-production professional today must master: animation.

The program par excellence is Adobe After Effects, which is the one that you will see in detail in the first course, although it is not the only one.

In the Advanced Animation course the Cinema 4D software is used, more focused on modeling and in which you will learn how to create the Fanta advertisement that you can see in the example video.

I only recommend the second course if you already have animation knowledge.

If not, I advise you to do the After Effects first to have a base.

The prices of these courses are € 29.95 and € 19.95, respectively.

Are you missing a course to learn how to edit videos on this list?
I encourage you to write me in comments if the article has been useful to you and if you know of any other online video editing course that I should add. I hope I’ve helped!🙂

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