The 65 best Digital Marketing blogs in Spanish in 2021

Since I discovered the world of digital marketing, I have been completely hooked.

As it is not something fixed, but is constantly being renewed, every day something new and useful can be learned to put it into practice.

In fact, the best professionals in this sector usually have a blog, a great tool to stand out, but also a source of resources that can be of great help to others.

What kinds of projects are behind a blog?

Personal brand
Company and agency
The important thing is not to get lost in this sea of ​​digital marketing blogs and know how to differentiate which are the good ones, that is, the ones that you can learn the most to apply to your own project.

For this reason, I have created this list, so that you save that initial work and can go directly to those that will add more value to you. Are you ready?

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Best Digital Marketing Blogs in Spanish
40 fever1. 40 of Fever
It belongs to the Social Russia Phone Number List  Mood agency. It is one of the coolest and lightest blogs.

They have their own personality and design that make it very entertaining and enjoyable. A very good option to start in digital marketing!

2. Agora Pulsenow press
This blog specialized in social networks can help you in terms of administration, optimization, analytics and advertising.

Something to note is that it includes interesting tools and case studies.

alex serrano3. Alex Serrano
He is a great benchmark in the web positioning sector and in his blog he dumps very educational and useful content about SEO and digital marketing.

Although that is his main topic, he also writes about other related topics such as blogging, social networks or the web.

alvaro fontela4. Álvaro Fontela
Álvaro is co-founder of Raiola Networks, one of the best hosting companies in Spain.

From a technical perspective, his blog is about WordPress, WPO, and everything you need to make your website perform excellent.

ana ivars5. Ana Ivars
This social media advertising professional talks on her blog about new developments that are emerging around digital marketing.

His specialty is strategy and he uses a very close way of expressing himself that I personally love.

antevenio6. Antevenio
This blog is written by the workers of the agency itself and it covers a wide variety of digital marketing topics.

They stand out for talking about very current trends in the online world.

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antonio sala
7. Antonio Sala
He is a community manager and copywriter and his blog focuses on social networks.

He stands out for his articles on twitter and community management, on which he can contribute experience in the field.

classroom cm8. CM Classroom
It is a blog for Social Media, WordPress and digital marketing.

They publish infrequently but in return offer a high quality of content.

help wordpress9. WordPress Help
It is the best WordPress blog in Spanish.

It is directed by Fernando Tellado, a great expert on the platform who reveals all his tricks to you.

I drink rosemary10. Bego Romero
One of the most important aspects of a website is its design.

It is precisely the focus of this blog, written by a great expert in web design and oriented towards obtaining results.

blogger3cero blogger3.011. Blogger 3.0
SEO expert and blogger Dean Romero is in charge of this blog.

It is a very good option to follow if you are interested in organic search engine positioning.

blogpocket12. Blogpocket
In this blog by Antonio Cambronero you will find tips to have a clean website and a successful blog.

He mainly talks about blogging, social media, digital marketing, and WordPress.

borja giron13. Borja Girón
He is an SEO consultant for blogs and deals with a wide variety of topics.

Its content is divided according to your objectives: if you start today, if you want more visits, more participation or more sales.

branzai14. Branzai
The theme of this blog is branding.

Its contents are very focused on the creation and management of brands with a digital focus.

charlotte galvan15. Carlota Galván
In his blog you can find especially digital marketing content.

He also talks about related topics such as SEO, web design, social media or experiential marketing.

citizen 2.016. Citizen 2.0
This digital marketing blog created by Berto López and Raquel Rubín is specialized in blogging.

Its contents revolve around technology, the world 2.0 and ICT.

claudio inacio17. Cláudio Inácio
If you have a personal branding project, this is your option!

In it you will find not only content about personal branding, but also about online marketing, social media or blogging, among others.

cyberclick18. Cyberclick
It is a very complete blog that talks about advertising and online marketing.

They offer simple and valuable content on the best digital news. It is one of the most popular.

elena lala19. Elena Lalá
The entrepreneur Elena Lavagna is specialized in social media.

If you need a cable with the digital communication of your company in social networks, this blog will be of great help.

elia guardiola20. Èlia Guardiola
Psychology and marketing come together in this blog from the best emotional marketer and storytelling professional.

Èlia has a very human and passionate style. He grabs you with his words, with which he manages to transmit and excite.

ernesto bustamante21. Ernesto G Bustamante
Ernesto is an expert in DE Phone Number  web design and WordPress and this is reflected in his blog.

It offers very useful resources such as templates, tutorials, guides and plugins for your website.

fatima martinez22. Fatima Martinez
His blog is called Luces y Sombras de las Marcas and he is up to date with the news that arise on social networks.

In some posts it exposes reports and statistics with data of interest.

Fernando Onion23. Fernando Cebolla
The strong point of this Zaragoza native is social media, especially for SMEs.

In his blog he talks about different aspects of online marketing, focusing mainly on social networks.

Fernando Rubio24. Fernando Rubio
It is a blog for social media, analytics and content marketing.

In it you can find strategies, tips and tools on these and other related topics.

maria lazaro25. Speaking short
This blog on marketing, social media and digital transformation belongs to María Lázaro.

His articles stand out in which he relates technology with society.

hootsuite26. Hootsuite
This blog, in its Spanish version, has very valuable information on social media marketing.

In their contents, they give a professional perspective mainly focused on businesses and experts in the sector.

hubspot27. Hubspot
It is the Spanish version of one of the world references in terms of marketing blogs.

They also talk about customer management, sales, and inbound marketing.

iebschool28. IEBSchool
This blog revolves around the business world and technology.

In addition to digital marketing and entrepreneurship, they deal with current topics such as innovation, blockchain, fintech or big data.

Ignacio Santiago29. Ignacio Santiago
It is a blog that stands out for its wide variety of content, covering all levels from beginner to advanced.

Marketing, personal branding, SEO, social media and WordPress are some of its themes.

inboundcycle30. InboundCycle
The blog of this agency focuses on inbound marketing.

It is aimed at companies that want to generate business opportunities by attracting and converting new customers through their digital presence.

inge saez31. Inge Sáez
If you want to learn to use Linkedin in a professional way, you cannot miss this blog.

Inge teaches you all the tricks to stand out on this social network and get the most out of it, whether you are a company or if you have a personal profile.

javi pastor32. Javi Pastor
This blog and aims to teach you to use the art of words to make a profit.

It focuses on helping you generate sales and conversions through copywriting.

Javier Gosende33. Javier Gosende
His specialty is SEO or search engine optimization and this is reflected in his blog.

Conversion and web analytics are another of his fundamental pillars, although he writes on many varied online marketing topics.

Jessica wanted34. Jessica Quero
It is a blog for digital marketing and social media, focused mainly on Instagram.

This expert in community management provides valuable content that is very useful in the field of social networks.

Jonathan Velez35. Jonathan Velez
This benchmark of SEO in Huelva is also my partner in the Master of Marketing and Web. Jonathan is always ready to help.

In his blog he writes about web positioning for different levels and objectives.

jose facchin36. Jose Facchin
The Argentine blog is very complete since it covers practically all areas of digital marketing.

His articles include recommendations for very interesting tools and platforms.

Juan Merodio37. Juan Merodio
The digital transformation of companies is fundamental today and in this blog we can learn a lot about it.

It is mainly aimed at entrepreneurs and addresses different aspects of marketing 2.0, such as social media.

laura ribas38. Laura Ribas
If your goal is to sell and attract customers, this marketing blog can help you, with content on business development, strategy and mindset.

He combines the written articles with his YouTube videos, offering advice based on his own previous experience.

franck scipion39. Lifestyle Al Cuadrado
Franck Scipion’s blog is aimed at digital entrepreneurs who want to build a profitable online business.

The goal is for you to become a digital knowmada and you can live off your knowledge, in a more free way.

luis villanueva40. Luis Villanueva
He is a benchmark of SEO in Spain, so his blog is composed mainly of articles on web positioning and online marketing.

He brings very practical knowledge based on his experience.

maider tomasena41. Maïder Tomasena
His blog revolves around the art of copywriting and its ability to generate results.

Like good copy, your articles are engaging, very enjoyable to read, and full of value.

manuel cervilla42. Manuel Cervilla
It is a very varied blog about social networks, SEO and digital marketing.

It is a great option to keep up to date with the most current trends in the digital sector.

miguel florido43. Marketing and Web
Miguel Florido is one of the great references of digital marketing in Spain and directs the school in which I have had the opportunity to learn.

In his blog he covers many related topics such as SEO, social networks or online business.

direct marketing44. Direct Marketing
This marketing blog brings together the best of both worlds: the traditional and the current and more digital with the latest trends.

They publish news about marketing, advertising, brands and technology.

max camunas45. Max Camuñas
As a web designer specialized in WordPress, he can help you create an optimized website that will captivate, fascinate and fall in love.

His blog is a source of resources to carry out your project and make it shine.

ruben alonso46. My web positioning
With his experience as a basic computer scientist, Rubén Alonso writes articles on SEO and blogging mainly on his blog.

He knows how to transmit with a close and didactic style, he is a great blogger.

miguel angel locked47. Miguel Ángel Trabado
His passion for digital marketing and his experience in digital transformation are reflected in his blog.

He has very good communication skills and a vocation for training, he is an excellent teacher.

neil patel48. Neil Patel
Known for its SEO tool Ubersuggest, the best seller has a digital agency that is dedicated to increasing traffic, leads and sales.

The Spanish version of this digital marketing blog is a reference and is divided into very clear sections so that you can find what you are looking for.

neoattack49. NeoAttack
The blog of this agency deals with various topics of online marketing.

Articles on local and niche SEO, social media, SEM and PPC, web design, strategies and other marketing news stand out.

50. Oink My Godoink my god
Laura Amanda and Irene García’s agency blog is characterized by an entertaining and fun tone.

With their careful design and daring style, they cover all kinds of topics within the world of digital marketing.

Rafael Sospedra51. Rafa Sospedra
He is one of the great SEOs in Valencia and at the national level, so in his blog he talks about positioning and web analytics.

It also includes content on ecommerce, social media and online marketing.

52. Raiola Networksraiola networks
For many, the best hosting company, which also has a very informative blog to learn to understand and optimize your website.

It will be very useful especially if you use WordPress, since they focus on this CMS.

steal flowers53. Rober Flores
In his digital marketing blog you will find articles on SEO, WordPress, SEM, analytics and blogging, among others.

It should be noted that he is an expert in Google Ads, positioning and web design.

ruben manez54. Rubén Máñez
A genius of strategy and advertising on social networks, as well as my tutor and reference as a digital trafficker specialized in Facebook Ads.

The articles on his blog are clear and valuable, he is a person who gets to the point and gives you the best advice.

55. SEMRushsemrush
The blog in Spanish of the well-known SEO and SEM tool is one of the most top and it includes recognized professionals of digital marketing.

Therefore, the variety and quality of the content are guaranteed.

sonia hard limia56. Sonia Duro Limia
This social selling specialist highlights the importance of business psychology on her blog.

In addition, he writes about entrepreneurship, social media, blogging, marketing, and online business.

amel fernandez57. Social Medier
Amel Fernández’s blog has very clear and practical content on social networks.

In his best-known articles, he tells you the exact sizes of the photos and videos that you need for the different social media platforms.

58. ThirteenbitsManuel Moreno
This blog, directed by Manuel Moreno, focuses on social media and technology.

Its journalistic character is distinguished, since its contents keep you up to date with the latest technological developments and the digital environment.

tristan elosegui59. Tristán Elósegui
Through his blog, he provides valuable content in the area of ​​web analytics, which he dominates.

His articles on online marketing, social media and digital marketing strategy also stand out.

carlos carbellido60. A community manager
Carlos Carbellido’s agency blog is not only about community management, but also covers the entire universe of digital marketing.

Do not miss it if you are interested in social networks and SEO positioning.

victor campuzano61. Victor Campuzano
If you are interested in growth hacking, in this blog you can learn a lot about growth strategies for your digital business.

He has a very particular and personal style, both visual and writing.

victor martin
62. Victor Martin
This young entrepreneur has a blog about internet business, marketing and social media, largely being recognized by the latter.

A key factor that characterizes him is his motivation, on which he also advises.

vilma nunez63. Vilma Nunez
An influencer of Hispanic digital marketing and a pioneer in offering downloadable templates on her blog.

You will find a lot of quality content on online marketing, especially on social networks, as well as resources such as guides, tutorials and ebooks.

cheerful angel64. Live to the fullest
It is Ángel Alegre’s blog and it motivates you to get out of your comfort zone to improve and enjoy life by growing your digital business.

From his own experience and adventures, he talks about digital marketing, monetization, and how to make money from a blog.

65. Webpositerwebpositer
This SEO and online marketing agency has authentic professionals in the sector who put their best practical advice on the blog.

Their posts attract attention with formats such as interviews, tutorials and success stories.

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