The 5 pillars of the success of an online marketing strategy

I was recently giving a lecture at the second edition of Hotmart Talks (Hotmart is a platform for info producers specialized in the sale and promotion of online courses where I have my online marketing course ). Due to their specific focus, info producers tend to focus excessively on creating sales funnels on Facebook and automating them with tools such as Active Campaign. This approach to selling leads them to forget the context in which they operate and the key elements and pillars of digital marketing necessary to maximize their results. The objective the most important pillars of digital marketing The talk was precisely to give them that global vision and a guide on how to define a digital marketing strategy and how to guide online General Manager Email Lists strategies once they have been proposed. Sales funnels for Facebook are fundamental and part of the pillars of digital marketing, but they are a small part of the whol I started by showing a funnel for Facebook to my great friend and super expert on the subject (and many other things), Vilma Nuñez .Its correct design and automation are essential for sales to flow, but we are talking about the end of the road for internet marketing strategies. We have to make them perfect to get the sale, but, following the previous example, for this to happen we have to build the different paths that lead our audience up to that point.As in any profession , to be successful in marketing we must be clear about our goal and work hard to achieve itThe road to selling a digital product (training, consulting, etc.) is long and we need to be clear about the stages we must go through to reach the goal (comparable to any digital business ). To know how to define a digital marketing strategy, I present the phases that a digital producer would have to go through (it is an example):

Idea. Definition of the value proposition .Content production: product info, videos, articles, lead magnets , webinars, …
Definition of the online marketing strategy. Optimization And ultimately, I work hard to get the results.
If you turn your passion into your job, the money will come alone. But if your passion is money …
Sometimes you have the idea that, to sell on the Internet, you just have to have a website. It seems that sales are going to come alone. Which is relatively easy. We tend to have magical thinking. If there are x million Spanish speakers, let me buy 1% …
This leads us to think that the road to success in marketing is a straight highway, when the reality is that it is full of potholes and potholes that will slow us down. We are looking for a direct path that does not exist . how to raise the pillars of digital marketing in your companyTo conclude with this approach I left you with two ideas:We need to work on the final conversion, but that’s a small part
Optimizing volume is not the same as quality
It is not the same to crush your audience until they buy from you, than to convince them that your product is the best option.The optimal digital marketing strategy goes far beyond social mediaIn many cases, both info producers and companies confuse social networks with marketing strategy .That is why I showed them the global vision of the online marketing strategy and made them see that Facebook is just one channel among many other options and tools for internet marketing strategies. And that this, in addition to reducing their options, makes them lose the audience that is on other channels. Methodology definition online marketing strategyEvolution of the purchase funnel or conversion funnel The five pillars of digital marketing for the success of a strategyAs time was limited, I made a summary of the complete methodology highlighting what for me were the five most important points of an online marketing strategy. Marketing strategy phases to understand the pillars of digital marketing

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1. Build trust by building personal brand In order for them to buy our products from us, the first barrier to overcome is that of trust. Why should they trust that our product or service is the best option? What do we bring to them so that they trust us?
To achieve this, at the level of info producer, but applicable to companies, we must work on building our professional reputation and propping it up with elements that generate extra trust (testimonials, success stories, etc.). 2. Define the value proposition Why will they choose our product over the competition ? How are we being able to communicate the advantages it has for our client? Does our product cover all the needs and eliminate the “fears” of our audience?
This is precisely what we work on defining the value proposition .Value proposition to our clients – Tristán Elósegui3. Definition of the audience profileThe better we know our audience, the better we can sell to them, right? Well, this is exactly what we achieve when we define the audience profile or buyer persona for the main types of clients we have. Definition of audience profile or buyer personaDefinition of audience profile or buyer persona – Tristán Elósegui4. Definition of the customer journey
Defining the customer journey is the definitive step that allows us to better understand our audience. If we get to this point with the homework well done ( purchase insight , value proposition and audience profile), we have 40-50% of the defined strategy. We have a sufficient basis to translate this knowledge of the customer into the DE Phone Number strategy itself.Customer journey – Tristán Elósegui
5. Definition of objectives and metrics And as a closing something basic in any strategy. Define what success means, that is, define the objectives to be achieved and the metrics that measure it in each of the stages of the purchase decision process of our clients.Definition of marketing objectives – Tristán ElóseguiJohn Lovett’s Social Analytics FrameworkHere is the presentation of the event to help you better understand each of the points.

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