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pool of freelancers. Fiverr offers “Studio” services for this type of project. You have at your disposal a team of specialists which is managed by a single studio manager, in charge of the management and advancement of the project.Each studio offers different services, with its UK Phone Number Database List own specialties: website creation, marketing campaigns, creation of brand identities … For each studio profile, you have access to the profiles of the different members of the team and of the person responsible. from the studio. As for a classic profile, the profile of each studio references the ratings and remarks of previous clients, and the pricing is identical to that of freelance profiles. The advantage is

significant: a team of specialists works for you, with a single point of contact.In use Fiverr is extremely useful for many projects. Whether for small projects requiring junior profiles, or more ambitious projects such as website redesigns requiring several different providers. The quantity of profiles available means that you can quickly find a freelance with the right skills. The Fiverr Business and Fiverr Studio options will be particularly suitable for teamwork and large projects. We particularly appreciate the collaborative dimension of Fiverr Business, which allows you to work in a team of up to 50 on the management of these service providers.Registration to the platform is completely free, you will simply have to pay a commission on the missions carried out.Google calms

How is Joanna’s work-study program going within your structure?

things down: historical criteria will clearly remain a priority.In May 2020, Chromium developers presented a new web performance indicator: Core Web Vitals (display time of the largest visible element, interaction delay and lags in the interface). Google then specified that these criteria would one day be taken into account to rank pages on search results. First scheduled for late 2020, the Page Experience update has been postponed to May 2021.New performance indicators, numerous press releases to educate about website speed, regularly updated test tools ( Lighthouse , PageSpeed ​​Insights ), the addition of a section dedicated to essential web signals on Search Console, an

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update of the algorithm officially announced 6 months before its application… Google first sent very alarmist signals: speed up your pages if you do not want to be penalized. The intransigence of certain criteria such as the CLS have only reinforced this feeling of pressure which is quite unpleasant for many web professionals.Direct consequence: last November, Google proudly announced that in recent months, there was “a median increase of 70% in the number of users interacting with Lighthouse and PageSpeed ​​Insights” . Proof of a certain panic in the technical and SEO teams.Google has partially achieved its objective: to raise awareness among

What are the missions carried out by your work-study student Joanna?

professionals of web performance and allow its robots to crawl lighter pages. Partly, because although loading time has become a subject for developers again, less than 15% of sites were in the green last August.The search engine then qualified its positions. Its developer help pages state, among other things, that “although a page’s usability is an essential criterion, Google always ranks pages according to the overall relevance of the information they provide, even if their usability leaves something to be desired. .In February, Google relaxed its policy on all of the Core Web Vitals criteria, moving from a “strictly inferior” to “inferior or equal” logic. A symbolic change, which helps many websites “go green”. Speeches by several Google officials, including John Mueller in February, also eased the

pressure. Google’s historical criteria (in particular the quality of content, its popularity and its relevance to the user’s search) will remain much more important than the speed of websites. Google is still insisting today, via the update of its FAQ on the Update Page Experience (a very interesting content to understand the ins and outs of the Google update).Our systems will continue to prioritize pages with the best information overall, even if some aspects of page experience are subpar. A good page experience doesn’t override having great, relevant content.In other words: move on, there won’t be much to see next May. This is also the opinion of Olivier Andrieu,

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