Study: how the relationship with consumers can define the future of a brand

In its white paper, “shape tomorrow”, talkwalker , specialist in monitoring and consumer intelligence, is interested in the world of tomorrow. Through the analysis of the brakes of brands, but also of the opportunities offered to them, this report underlines the importance of the relationship between brands and consumers to shape the future. The opportunity to look into a prospective analysis and gain perspective on our daily practices to better understand the future. Read the full “shape tomorrow” study the difficult connection between brands and consumers if it is already difficult to build a brand, talkwalker announces in its study, that it will be even more difficult in the future. Consumers would indeed be more and more demanding and unpredictable.


The difficult connection between brands and consumers

It is therefore up to the brands to adapt to these e-commerce photo editing new expectations. Talkwalker-shapeoftoworrow talkwalkers finding concerns the critical disconnect between what brands say and what consumers want. Thus, only 33.1 of conversations are shared by consumers and brands. These are absent from 54.1 of conversations, while 12.7 of conversations are led by brands without resonating with their audience. And this gap continues to widen. Result brands are no longer able to understand and meet consumer expectations. A trend that is particularly felt post-pandemic, when consumers live more. For the present and demand more speed, but also more customer satisfaction.

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Shaping the future with consumers

Thus, from march 2020 to january 2022, testimonials DE Phone Number of positive customer experiences on social networks fell by 17.5. This is why it seems essential to develop a brand strategy that is more customer-centric than ever. Read the full “shape tomorrow” study assess if your brand is ready for the future in order for brands to assess whether or not they are ready for the world of tomorrow, talkwalker identifies 3 types of brands reactive these are the brands least ready for the future.

This makes it difficult for them to collect the relevant data. They fail to centralize this data in a single solution, segmenting the customer experience, and they lack the experts to translate data into action. Predictive these brands have more varied data, but miss out on niche sectors that could represent new opportunities. They have a solution that handles their current needs, but lacks the scalability to monitor growth, and they forget to include non-text data in their analytics.

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