Spanish operation “ham without borders” so that Argentines do not run out of ham

Campofrío decided, in light of the Argentine president’s ban on importing Spanish ham, to try to sneak it into the suitcases of Argentine attendees at the El Sol Advertising Festival, as a way to humorously protest the measure.
Bilbao, Spain .- Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has banned the importation of Spanish ham to Argentina, so the Spanish brand Campofrío decided to launch the “Jamón sin Fronteras” operation so that Argentine attendees to the Advertising Festival Internacional El Sol, do not run out of ham to eat in Bilbao and also, without knowing it, they will take away Romania Phone Number List more ham hidden in their suitcases.

This viral action , the results of which can be seen through the video posted on YouTube and on social networks, shows with humor how Campofrío delivered bags with packages of Navidul Serrano ham, while he invited them to keep said bag and take it back to Argentina , as it had hidden in a double bottom, more packages of ham. To try to get them to keep it, they turned to self-love, telling the South American guests to use the bag to keep the prizes they were going to receive, which would surely be many.

The video, in a humorous tone, tells the possible Phone Number List outcomes of this protest action with humor in the face of what his Spanish friends consider a disgrace for Argentines because they cannot taste Iberian ham in their land. For this reason, it shows the end of who managed to pass the bag with the hidden ham, with the consequent celebration of the achievement and of who was detained at customs for carrying prohibited food without knowing that it was a ham “mule”. All in order to achieve a “Ham without borders.”

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