Social media influences clothing purchases of a third of millennials

The use of social networks by women is an increasingly widespread practice, especially among millennials, consumers whose age ranges between 19 and 34 years. In fact, saudi arabia mobile number list tools have been configured as important instruments for electronic commerce, as shown by the data of the latest report prepared in this regard by the Mintel company. Thus, 67% of women in the United States bought clothes online last year, 4% more than consumers who did the previous year.However, the main conclusion that this report reaches is the consideration that millennials have of these platforms, as they are considered the most reliable and secure tool. In fact, it is not surprising that more than a third of the millennials surveyed by this company (35%) say that it is the most influential channel for them when making purchases.This behavior on the part of these clients is mainly due to the growth of mobile devices and the use that consumers make of them. Thus, millennials are more likely to go to social networks to seek information and comments about their future clothing purchases. A trend that is observed in the influence, less, that other strategies have on them.This is the case of promotional notices through emails. Thus, while 55% of women retain these ads and consider them as an influence factor, in the stratum comprised of millennial users this perception falls to 46% of those surveyed.A growing marketIn this sense, Mintel research predicts that online clothing purchases by women will increase their sales by 14% until 2019. In fact, this document estimates that online sales can skyrocket an additional 77% in the case of operations


carried out through mobile devices. Some figures that for those responsible for the investigation highlight “the great changes that exist in the buying habits of consumers.”Hence, this trend is translated, in parallel, in an increase in the publicity received by social networks. Thus, this will accumulate, only in the United States, an investment of more than 15,000 million dollars in 2018. An amount that will be destined, mainly, to satisfy the needs of consumer demand for clothing.Most used social networks and most bought clothesIn parallel, this analysis also points to which are the De Phone Number networks that millennial women use the most when looking for the clothes that interest them. In this sense, Facebook takes the cake, as it is used daily by 71% of those surveyed to carry out their clothing searches. It is followed by YouTube, with 34% of the affirmative responses and, at a very short distance, Instagram, as 33% of those surveyed say that they visit this social network and clothing brands on a daily basis.Regarding the items that millennials tend to buy more frequently through social networks, T-shirts and shirts stand out, with 65% of the accumulated responses. It is followed by jeans, with 54%, and dresses, an industry that is nevertheless being affected by the precariousness of work environments, the research highlights.This online shopping process is finally enjoyed by the majority of millennial consumers. Thus, 53% of the buyers whose age ranges between this age indicate that they enjoy shopping online thanks to social networks and 92% recognize that last year they bought items through this formula. Two indicators that confirm the good relationship between social networks and electronic commerce, which is likely to continue for a long time.

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