SEO or the story of a recently renovated downtown penthouse

hat is France Mobile Number Database  ?” This is one of the questions that I find most frequently when we start to get into flour with people from the Internet sector. Let’s not forget that “we” or as Seth Godin would say : our “Tribe” (Twitteros, bloggers, advanced internet users, etc.), do not represent the average!Without being an expert on the subject, I will try to summarize it using an analogy: a properly implemented SEO has to make your website like “a recently renovated downtown penthouse . ” That is to say, an attractive house for many people: a well-built house, easy to find and in a popular neighborhood .

“A well-built house” : in SEO terms it means having a website accessible to search engines (without frames , without flash, without image abuse, etc.), and with fluid navigation (possibility to go from one page to another. another easily, return to Home, well-defined web map, correct programming (without java, using follow, index, robot,…), etc.).”Easy to find” : everyone knows it or ask who you ask they know how to give you the correct information. That is, every time I do a search I find the right website .How can we achieve this?Using the optimal copy, alt text, etc. ( on the page ) and programming: keywords, keyphrases and descriptions (in the source code ) .With a “well connected” house: which in SEO language means having a good link buildingstrategy:

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registration in directories, link exchange, presence in blogs, social networks, etc. The greater the number of links and the “quality” of the websites that “point” to your website, the better they will find you.This part is “the great forgotten of De Phone Number ” and has approximately 50% of the weight when it comes to positioning yourself in natural results .In a “popular neighborhood” : that is, a place where many people would like to live. Taken to our ground: with an attractive product and offer, a well-designed website, with well-designed and executed advertising campaigns, etc.Have I managed to give you an overview? I explained myself well? Leave your comments and suggestions, and: let’s all learn!Each of the bullets deserves an «n» post that I will gradually write. If you want to participate in deciding what topics to talk about, you can do so by completing the “You

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